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AGLO 1972 No. 13 - February 09, 1972
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Slade Gorton | 1969-1980 | Attorney General of Washington

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                                                                 February 9, 1972

Honorable Hubert F. Donohue
State Senator, 11th District
Legislative Building
Olympia, Washington 98504                                                                                            Cite as:  AGLO 1972 No. 13 (not official)

Dear Sir:
            We acknowledge receipt of your letter requesting our opinion "at the earliest possible date" with regard to the constitutionality of House Bill No. 44, currently pending before the state legislature.
            The basic thrust of this amendatory bill, as you know, is to extend the cigarette excise taxes which are provided for in RCW 84.24.020, RCW 73.32.130 and RCW 28A.47.440, to the possession of cigarettes within this state.
            We have carefully examined all of the provisions of this bill and we are of the opinion that nothing contained therein would render this measure violative of either our state or federal constitution if enacted into law in its present form.
            We trust the foregoing will be of assistance to you.
Very truly yours,
Edward B. Mackie
Deputy Attorney General

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