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Spoofers strike again
Free shred events starting again
Respecting Privacy. Safeguarding Data. Enabling Trust.
E-Receipts: Love them or hate them?
The password is “pleasestealmyidentity”
Olympic College Students & Faculty Victims of ID Theft
How to avoid becoming a victim of tax-related ID theft & scams
Data Privacy Day: Promoting privacy awareness and best practices
Protect Your ID Week: Shred to Protect
Protect Your ID Week: Child Identity Theft
Protect Your ID Week: What to do if you’re a victim of ID theft
Tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft
It’s National Protect Your Identity Week
Voice mail snooping: how to protect yourself
Will your Facebook photos destroy your job search?
Nearly 40,000 Washington residents affected by Health Net data breach
Privacy in the era of social media
Editorial: A Safety Net for Online Shoppers
FTC pushing the “Do Not Track” button
Identity thieves love social networking
“My password? It’s P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D.”
Intelius banked on consumer confusion, says Washington Attorney General
Some mobile apps banking more info than you bargained for
Job scammers lurk on the Internet
The 2010 census is taking a picture. Keep your eyes open!
Computer spyware poses as meeting reminder
Tax season brings industrial shredders!
LifeLock barred from claiming it can prevent identity theft
Social network posts say more than you think
Who is watching you online?
This week's events for savvy consumers
KSER-AM to broadcast TeleTown Hall with McKenna tonight
Check if your email password was hacked
Cookie monsters
Psst! Bet I can figure out your Social Security number
KIRO TV: Vast amounts of Personal Identity Recovered in Illegal dumping
Worry-Free Guarantee!
TJX’s data breach a costly lesson
Is your elderly relative donating too much to charity?
DISH Network sued for skirting telemarketing laws
April showers bring free shredders!
Data Privacy Day occurs during streak of breaches
Will supermarket shelves look back at you?
Coffee Break: Take back your identity!
FTC pulls plug on telemarketer robocalls
Internet affiliate advertisers violated Washington spyware law
Free spam and telemarketing calls! 100% legit! Act now!!!
TJ Maxx, Siesint settle federal data breach charges
ValueClick to Pay $2.9 Million to Settle FTC Charges
Send me less junk mail!
Intelius abandons cell phone directory
AG McKenna requests consumer protection laws
Cell Phones Under Attack: How to block text spam and viruses
FTC cracks down on rogue telemarketers
You may need to register again for Do Not Call
Blocking cell phone spam
Opting out of credit card offers is a start ... although it can't remedy this blunder
Trash the spam
Free spam and telemarketing calls! 100% legit! Act now!
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