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Counterfeit software can infect PCs

Counterfeit software can infect PCs

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Microsoft reported a surge of voluntary reports — more than 150,000 in the past two years — from people who unknowingly purchased counterfeit software that was often riddled with viruses or malware.

In response to this growing problem, Microsoft today announced a Consumer Action Day campaign to help protect consumers and increase awareness of the risks of counterfeit software. The effort involves education initiatives and enforcement actions in more than 70 countries.

“Fake and pirated software create risks for consumers, businesses and our economy,” Attorney General Rob McKenna said. “Counterfeit software may leave computers vulnerable to attacks, which is why I’m pleased Microsoft is working to educate and protect consumers. By guarding intellectual property, we also ensure that jobs and money remain in our communities instead of thieves’ pockets.”

Posted by Kristin Alexander All Consuming Blog Moderator at 12/03/2009 03:38:53 PM | 

Hi Kristin,
This is my own observation, to stop counterfeit software issue we should work together like "Rule the world or Follow the Rule" means Work together with google people are downloading every kind of software online so -Inform google to stop this site to be displayed in google's listing- I think this could be a one step further to stop issues like this.
These counterfeit software will make your life hell if you download stuff like this.
Posted by: Jack ( Email ) at 5/13/2010 4:40 AM

Have you heard or what do you know about a browser hijacker that over rides your internet telling you you have Trojans, Spy or virus attack & shuts down your internet connect. Any attempt to reconnect brings up a window with Microsoft icons claiming to be XP Home Security 2012 Alert & keeps looping you to a site where you have to buy protection and asking for credit cards. They have successfully infected my computer so I have no access to the Internet thereby Comcast, my provider and McAfee cannot do anything to help. Costs are running well over $300 plus.
I did use my Flip camera to document the screen pop ups they were using in hopes someone that find and prosecute...HELP!
Posted by: Abigail Cutter ( Email ) at 8/4/2011 5:01 PM

Abigail -- There are many, many viruses of the sort you describe. A computer expert can help you identify and remove the malware. The Attorney General's Office cannot provide that sort of guidance; sorry. I understand your pain.
Posted by: KRISTIN ALEXANDER, ALL CONSUMING MODERATOR ( Email ) at 8/8/2011 3:47 PM

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