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Tricky Credit Scams

Tricky Credit Scams

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credit cardCredit scores are not things you can “wish” better, but a myriad of credit-fix scams advertised online and on television promise a quick fix. With Halloween just around the corner, don’t be tricked by “fast-talking crooks selling shortcuts.” Instead, do your homework and read a recent article by with tips on how to avoid making a bad situation worse.

There are also those funny few who have made it a lifetime goal to achieve a perfect credit score. That might not be you, but they’ve shared tips on how to tack on more points to your magic number. By trying to never charge more than 10 percent of your credit limit and paying bills as soon as they come in, you could end up saving thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

- Valerie Kostka, Public Affairs Intern

Posted by AGO Intern at 10/27/2010 03:39:00 PM | 

Thank you for reporting on this scam. There are so many scams around. It is sick that these people take advantage of others.
Thank you.
Posted by: Consumer Reviews ( Email ) at 10/28/2010 9:16 AM

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