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Returning a gift? Bring your ID

Returning a gift? Bring your ID

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It’s ugly. It’s tacky. You already have one. Whatever the reason for taking back your gift, be sure you bring a receipt with you to the return counter. While some stores have relaxed their return policies, you’ll still find the process easiest if you bring a receipt and your ID and don’t dilly-dally.

It’s obvious why a receipt is helpful. But you’ll want your government-issued ID, too. Some stores are participating in a national tracking system for return abusers and may require it. Return fraud costs stores $14 billion a year.

Retailers and I share our tips for hassle-free returns in today’s Columbian newspaper.


Posted by Kristin Alexander All Consuming Blog Moderator at 12/27/2010 04:22:54 PM | 

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