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Fake Court Calls Demand Money

Fake Court Calls Demand Money

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Scammers have started calling Washington residents claiming to represent various courts demanding residents to wire money by 10 a.m. Most recently, the scammers are using the Des Moines Municipal Court's phone number.

The Attorney General's Office (AGO) believes these scammers are spoofing the courts phone numbers so when they call you, it looks like a court is calling.

When receiving these calls, people assume they incurred a fine or warrant some time ago that they forgot to pay. It is only when they follow up with the court they discover there is no violation and subsequently, confirm they got scammed.

The AGO encourages you to keep these facts in mind if you receive a call:

  • Courts never call people to collect debts.
  • Non-payment of debt is not a crime.
  • Most courts accept cash or credit cards and don't encourage wiring money as an option.

In general, always be skeptical of any phone call that demands money.

Posted by Alison Dempsey-Hall Blog Moderator at 08/19/2013 11:00:12 AM | 

Last night I was reviewing an rarely used e-mail and saw a Court Appearance e-mail. It has an attachment. The attachment contains a virus that my MALWARE protection was able to detect and quarantine. The e-mail purports to be from a court in Louisiana. States the recipient has to appear in court, bring identification and is about illegal software use. I went to the Louisiana State AG office and they have a post confirming the above.
Posted by: Georgie Kelley ( Email ) at 1/14/2014 6:06 AM

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