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There goes my hero...

There goes my hero...

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Congratulations to Labor and Industries Division Chief Evelyn Fielding Lopez! The Washington State Bar Association has honored her with its Local Hero Award.

From the Bar Association press release: "Lopez is committed to, and champions, community service among the attorneys and staff in the L&I Division of the AGO. Lopez has encouraged numerous lawyers to become volunteers and supported their volunteer work with the Thurston County Volunteer Legal Services (TCVLS). She organized and oversaw the TCVLS Housing Justice Project clinic on several occasions, and later helped create and lead a CLE panel discussion on the Housing Justice Project. Lopez helps ensure that the clinic is staffed and that volunteers create the records necessary for client and agency files."

“We think that nominating Evelyn sends the message that it’s important for leaders to encourage and facilitate volunteerism and commitment to service among the people they manage, and to set an example by volunteering themselves,” wrote Jason McGill, president of the Government Lawyers Bar Association, in his nomination. “We think that managers who develop a culture of volunteerism and service to the community should be recognized.”

Posted by Public Affairs Unit at 01/28/2010 05:45:37 PM | 

As far as I am concerned, our govener will be without a job on the next election...anyone that takes away from our seniors medical needs and from the childrens education (cut back on teachers) to meet HER budget, does not deserve my respect or vote! Just sign me as one angry X-democrate!
Posted by: Barbara M Harvey ( Email | Visit ) at 3/27/2010 1:31 AM

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