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A Visit to the USS Carl Vinson

A Visit to the USS Carl Vinson

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USS_Carl_VinsonJust returned from an overnight trip to the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier conducting training exercises west of San Diego. Landing and taking off from a carrier deck are two of the many unique experiences associated with visiting this warship at sea.

When you stand on the flight deck, just yards away from where F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets are launched and recovered, you can't help but admire the tremendous skill and professionalism of Navy personnel. The average age of these sailors is 20.They are incredibly impressive to watch. It became immediately clear to Chief Deputy Brian Moran and me why the Carrier Strike Group admiral and the Vinson's captain are so proud.

-Rob McKenna-

Posted by Public Affairs Unit at 08/27/2010 03:26:36 PM | 

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