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Toppenish gangs up on gangs

Toppenish gangs up on gangs

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Toppenish restaurant owner Jose Gatica recently told KIMA TV last year his Las Palomas restaurant was tagged at least three times a month. This year, he says, the amount of graffiti has dropped.

KIMA TV in Yakima today reports that gang activity across the city of Toppenish has been reduced by half-- thanks to a committed community working together. The Washington State Attorney General's Office has been working with community leaders, law enforcement and legislators to pass legislation to assist in the fight against gangs-- and will continue this effort into the future.

The City of Toppenish and the people who live there are demonstrating that they know it takes more than new laws to keep our communities safe. Kudos to them for taking justice into their own hands and reducing crime for the families and businesses in their city. The Attorney General looks forward to learning more about Toppenish's creative approach to reducing gang violence next time he visits the area.

Posted by Public Affairs Unit at 10/21/2010 03:40:05 PM | 

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