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So Long, Farewell...

So Long, Farewell...

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Today, I bid my goodbye to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. It has been a short yet successful run, and I am extremely grateful for these past three months.

This experience ranks far superior in comparison to coursework, and it has been a refreshing variation to that of a classroom. Call me crazy, but I agree with university policies requiring internships. I have learned more in 90 days than I have in four years (I may be slightly exaggerating).

However, the ability to apply what I have studied in the classroom to “real life” is quite empowering. My portfolio will contain more than just collegiate best works; now, I can actually include legitimate material, evidence that I have contributed to the world of public affairs. 

While I have a long journey ahead of me, I am more prepared than ever, thanks to the AGO.  Specifically, I would like to thank Janelle, Dan, Sarah, Scott, and Maureen for making this the best possible internship. I appreciate all that you have taught me, and I will take it with me on my future endeavors.

Next time I’m in Olympia, lunch is my treat.

-Jennifer Carr-

Posted by Public Affairs Unit at 03/17/2011 01:56:59 PM | 

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