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Washington residents respond to DEA 'Got Drugs' campaign

Washington residents respond to DEA 'Got Drugs' campaign

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From left to right: Kennewick Police Chief  Ken Hohenberg, Attorney General McKenna, DEA Agent in Charge Ray Lopez (admiring the haul) and Kennewick Police Captain Trevor White.

Congratulations to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for a job well done! The second national drug take-back event was a huge success. Their prescription drug take-back campaign encouraged people to bring their unused or expired medications to thousands of collection sites throughout the country. On April 30, Washingtonians responded in a big way. According to the DEA, 8,535 pounds of medications were returned to 75 collection sites in Washington.

A combined 24,053 pounds of medicine were collected in the four-state area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. 

“The success of this campaign is attributed to the responsible citizens that took the time to clean out their medicine cabinets," said Mark Thomas, DEA Acting Special Agent in Charge.  "The close cooperation of many state/local law enforcement agencies and community leaders has dramatically made our communities safer by reducing the availability of abused prescription drugs.” 

Attorney General McKenna attended the take-back event at the Kennewick Police Department, where over 400 pounds of pills were collected. If sold on the black market, those drugs could fetch about $250,000, according to the DEA.

"A growing number of people understand the threat posed by unused drugs left in medicine cabinets," McKenna said. "Having attended the Seattle event last year, and Kennewick this year, I've seen firsthand the demand for safe drug disposal options. We'll continue to work with legislators, retailers, law-enforcement, drug companies and others to make sure that the need is met."

More than 376,593 pounds (188 tons) of medications were returned to more than 5,000 sites nationwide -- 55 percent more the last event last September.

“The amount of prescription drugs turned in by the American public during the first two Take-Back events is simply staggering—309 tons—and represents a clear need for a convenient way to rid homes of unwanted or expired prescription drugs,” said DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart.

Miss Take-Back Day but still have medications to dump? You have options. First, you may search for year-round take-back locations (times, locations and costs vary). You can also learn about safer at-home disposal methods on our RxIQ page.

-Dan Sytman-

Posted by AGO Intern at 05/11/2011 05:15:42 PM | 

One problem I saw with this program was the drugs should of been emptied out into a pail of water in front of the person who brought them in and destroyed so non of the cop's could take them.
Not that cops ever break the law just saying.
If there in water there not being stolen and resold.

Not sure if there is a policy in place with Doctors who write prescription drugs.. but if so there should be a way to monitor doctors writing prescription for pain killers.
Dentist should be banned from writing prescription drugs for Oxi cotton and any hard drugs. No one in tooth pain needs that drug.. they offer them like candy.
Three strikes you out law should be applied to any doctor that is caught over prescribing.. A HOTLINE should be set up for family members who suspect the doctor is knowingly overly prescribing to there . My friend's, boyfriend is a prescription addict. When he called his doctor who writes him anything he wants anytime. to help him detox she never called him back. Clearly she didn't want to help him get clean.

These doctors should be rounded up and charged after the 3rd time.. they know better. Again no dentist should be allowed to write prescriptions.

Also all these doctors are well know among addicts.
Just because they got degrees doesn't mean they have the right to peddle drugs.
The maker of oxyicotton should have to show how many there making and where they went daily.
If some get stolen more than a few times. Than they lose their Patton to manufacture this drug. Let other more responsible people make it.
Posted by: Mary Schreck ( Email ) at 5/16/2011 11:16 AM

I not comfortable that you guys have location of people taking in medication. These drugs should be dumped in front of the person in a bucket of water. So they know there destroyed.
Also a doctor hotline should be set up for family members who think there doctors are doing this to there loved ones.. Those doctors are well know to all. You can stop them if you wanted too.. the three strike you out law should be put on doctor too.
If the manufacturers don't stop losing there pill at heh warehouse They lose there patent rights and they barred from making it.
Posted by: Mary Schreck ( Email ) at 5/16/2011 11:21 AM

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