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Open Government Task Force October Meeting Materials

Public Records Act

1. Overview of the History and Purpose of the Public Records Act (re-printed with permission from the WSBA Public Records Act Deskbook)
2. Yousoufian v. Ron Sims (summary 1, summary 2article, and quote)
3. Zink v. City of Mesa (summaryarticle 1 and article 2)
4. Mason County v. Carey (article)
5. Governor’s Directive to State Agencies
6. Moore v. Department of Corrections (article)
7. Letter from Washington Counties Risk Pool
8. Department of Corrections Payout in Public Records Cases (submitted in testimony for SB 5130)
9. Description of Role of the Attorney General’s Open Government Ombudsman
10. RCW 42.56.530 (review by Attorney General)

Open Public Meetings Act

11. Purpose and Overview (excerpt from materials prepared by Attorney Scott Johnson)
12. Yakima City (article)
13. Port of Seattle (article)
14. City of Olympia (article)
15. Miller v. City of Tacoma (case summary)
16. Auditor’s Report of Open Public Meetings Act Concerns
17. RCW 42.56.210 (assistance by the Attorney General)

Study of Other States

18. BGA/NGOIC 50 State Survey and Seattle Times Article
19. Excel Spreadsheet (prepared by Sue Bellevue, AGO)
20. Summary of Enforcement Processes for States with Administrative Appeals (prepared by Jason Mercier)
21. Pennsylvania Office of Open Records Rules and Procedures and Article
              How to file an appeal
              Appeals guidelines
22. New Jersey Denial of Access Appeal Information

Written Public Comment/Miscellaneous

23. Letter from Center for Justice
24. Letter from David Koenig dated September 14, 2009
25. Policing Compliance Article
26. Worksheet

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