One of the best parts of introducing consumer issues to teenagers is empowering students to be effective citizens in the marketplace; students who then able to advocate for themselves and their families. Teaching basic information, resources and problem solving skills is essential to this process.

We have posted a few educational tools such as flashcards, worksheets and quizzes to use with your students in and out of the class. Many of these activities use the web for additional information, directing them to reputable original source web sites.

The following activities are intended to increase discussion and interaction within the classroom and to extend the learning process to life on the outside and after high school.

Buying Goods and Services
Consumer Reports Basics
Consumer Agencies
Consumer Product Safety

Air Travel Guidelines
Air Travel Guidelines/Key
Bumped Off a Flight
Bumped Off a Flight/Key

Car Repair Laws
Car Repair Laws/Key

Finance Flashcards
Buying Insurance Vocabulary
Financial Aid Questions
Financial Aid Questions/Key
Budget Basics
Risk Management: A Social Security Study Guide

Health & Safety
Health & Safety Flashcards
Blood Donation
Blood Donation/Key
Fast Food Challenge
Consumer & Product Safety

Rights & Responsibilities
Warranty Language
Warranty Language/Key
Risk Management: Social Security Safety Guide

How to Complain

On Your Own
Washington State LTL Vocabulary & Concepts
Washington State LTL Vocabulary & Concepts/Key
Legal or Illegal
Legal or Illegal/Key
Leaving Home

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