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Is there a duty to take minutes? What must they contain?

Is there a duty to take minutes? What must they contain?

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RCW 42.32.030 states:  “The minutes of all regular and special meetings except executive sessions of such boards, commissions, agencies or authorities shall be promptly recorded and such records shall be open to public inspection.”

However, there is nothing in the law that spells out what the minutes should contain.  Aside from what the law requires, I recommend that minutes contain the following:

  1. Attendance of members
  2. A final meeting agenda and any amendments during the meeting
  3. Index any materials submitted and reviewed during the meeting
  4. The final disposition of any matters for which the governing body takes final action
  5. How each member voted if requested by a member during the voting.

This is the minimum that I recommend.  Agencies may do more and make public comments or member discussions part of the official minutes.

Posted by Open Government Ombudsman at 07/15/2009 02:55:01 PM 

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