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MISSION: To make use of the internet and related technologies safer for children.


Internet Safety Information!

The Attorney General's Office formed the Youth Internet Safety Task Force in August 2007 and charged it with increasing internet safety awareness in Washington state. In addition, the task force will review current law in related areas such as child pornography and unlawful communications with minors.

The Youth Internet Safety Task Force is a broad coalition comprising law enforcement, child advocacy groups, academic experts, state and local government representatives, technology firms and associations, as well as concerned citizens.

The task force is divided into three subcommittees, each focusing on a particular issue related to youth internet safety.  The subcommittees are:  Consumer Education, Law Enforcement, and Research.


Task Force Members:
Adam Agensky, IAC Search and Media, Inc.
Kristin Alexander, Attorney General's Office
Theo Angelis, K&L Gates (Microsoft Counsel)
Joanna Arlow, Washington State Senate - Deomocratic Caucus
Bill Ashworth, Yahoo!
Grey Ayco, Seattle Police Department
Leslia Bar-ness, Symantec Corporation
Wes Beaty, U.S. Postal Inspection Service
Jerry Bender, Association of Washington School Principals
Mark Berejka, Microsoft
Mike Bigelow, Attorney General's Office
Tim Braniff, Washington State Patrol
Peggy Brown, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
Brian Bujdoso, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Christopher Burgess, Cisco Systems
Terry Byington, AeA
Bob Calaff, T-Mobile USA
Lizanne Coker, Look Both Ways
Chuck Cosson, Microsoft
Linda Criddle, Look Both Ways
Susan B. Dohrmann, US Attorney's Office - Western District
Milt Doumit, Verizon
Lisa Erwin, Attorney General's Office
Hunter Goodman, Attorney General's Office
Kate Greenquist, US Attorney's Office - Western District
Bill Guidera, News Corporation
Janelle Guthrie, Attorney General's Office
Steve Hailey, Edmonds Community College
Stu Halsan, AOL
Sue Hotelling, Microsoft
Brent Howard, ESD 101
Scott Huber, Columbia Bank
Chris Johnson, Attorney General's Office
Chris Johnson, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
Lisa Johnson, King County Prosecutor's Office
Sarah Johnson, K&L Gates
Mark Kovach
Kevin Laverty, WSSDA
Stephanie Lister, US Attorney's Office-Eastern Division
Nicholas Lovrich, Jr., WSU - Extension and Political Science
Tim Luckie, Seattle PD, Internet Crimes Against Children
Simrin Mangat, Fox Interactive Media
Michael McAdoo, T-Mobile USA
Tom McBride, WA Assoc. of Prosecuting Attorneys (WAPA)
Former Attorney General Rob McKenna
Warren McKenzie, National Research Council of Canada Institute for IT
Lewis McMurran, WSA
Barbara Mertens, WA Association of School Administrators
John Murphy, U.S. Postal Inspection Service
Hemanshu Nigam, Fox Interactive Media
Don Pierce, WA Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
Deb Ramsay, ESD 101
Melissa Reed, T-Mobile USA
Jesse Regalado, WA State Patrol
Shauna Rumsey, KCSARC
Leanne Shirey, Seattle Police Department
DeLee Shoemaker, Microsoft
Sumeer Singla, Verizon Northwest
Dennis Small, OSPI
John Thielbahr, Washington State University
Brad Thomas, Seattle Police Department
Brent Thompson, IAC
Barbara Thurman, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jason Timm, Kuzoa Inc.
David S. Valdez, Verizon
Rhonda Weaver, Comcast
Lana Weinmann, Attorney General's Office
Kari Wilkinson, Washington State PTA
Lucinda Young, Washington Education Association
Brian Zwit, AOL


2009 Legislative Session - Task Force Recommendations
2008 Legislative Session - Task Force Recommendations
Adam Walsh Act (HR 4472)
Online Victimization of Youth
Teens, Privacy and Social Networks
Virginia Internet Saftety Task Force Report


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