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Jun 08 2012

In honor of National Internet Safety Month, we are taking a moment to discuss some of the worst email scams we’ve seen recently. Some have poor spelling and grammar and others are just too good to be true, but they are all scams. Remember, when you receive one of these emails the best thing to do is delete it. Don’t open the attachments or click on any links. And please, whatever you do, don’t give out your personal information or wire money.

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May 14 2012

In 2008,  Aileen Eriksen  -- a Burbank, Wash. mother of six – wanted to maintain a stable home for her family. “Especially when you have kids, it’s important to know that they have a secure place that they can call home — to be able to say, ‘We’re going home now’ and know where that home is,” said Eriksen. But

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May 14 2012

BarclaysIt's time to test your consumer protection knowledge. This quiz question relates to how to handle certain things that show up in your e-mail inbox.

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Mar 23 2012

Residents of Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania and other states have reported receiving calls from someone requesting money for 9-1-1 services. The caller claims that residents must pay a fee to register their house in a 9-1-1 database so first responders can locate the home in an emergency...This is a scam.

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Mar 21 2012










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Mar 14 2012

 Too good not to share..

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Mar 09 2012

2012 National CP Week ButtonImagine this situation: your kitchen sink is clogged and you need a plumber to fix it. You’ve never been in this situation and you’re not sure which company to call. You open the Yellow Pages and randomly pick a plumbing company...

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Mar 08 2012

2012 National CP Week ButtonOne of our Assistant Attorney Generals in Spokane is selling a house. She’s had people contact her saying they’ve rented her house through an offer on Craigslist.  The unsuspecting parties submitted an application with financial identification information (which can be used to steal a person’s identity) and sent a security deposit by Western Union to a nice landlord working in Nigeria with homeless and disabled kids.

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Mar 08 2012

One thing you hear often from us: a warning never, ever to wire money to strangers. Once you do so, the money is gone forever. 

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Mar 07 2012


2012 National CP Week ButtonBy now we hope you’ve heard about the Grandparent Scam. But did you know that the scheme continues to drain money from unwitting victims’ bank accounts? It does so by becoming deviously more sophisticated. A new twist involves a supposed grandchild or other relative who’s been arrested overseas and begs you not rat him out to his parents. He can’t talk long because a “police officer” picks up the phone and demands bail money be wired immediately.

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Mar 06 2012

2012 National CP Week ButtonCongratulations! You may receive a certified check for up to $400,000 in cash! That's right, lump sum and tax-free! Hundreds of people win every week using our secret system! You can win too!

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Mar 05 2012

2012 National CP Week ButtonToday is the first weekday of National Consumer Protection Week. As part of this week’s event focusing on consumer education, we’ll post a daily consumer tip. Today’s tip has to do with buying a vehicle.

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Feb 28 2012

windowsLast week the Federal Trade Commission announced that five companies selling replacement windows in several states will have to stop making exaggerated, unsupported energy efficiency claims about their products – including how much money consumers could save on heating and cooling bills.

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Feb 27 2012

TaxFormsI hear it from my husband all the time when I shred paperwork containing personal information, “You are so paranoid.” Well, we are living in a time when identity theft is so prevalent. Now, tax-related identity theft is increasing.

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Jan 27 2012

DPDlogoJanuary 28 is Data Privacy Day, an international event promoting awareness of how personal information is collected, stored and shared – and how that information may be better protected. Attorney General Rob McKenna and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, who are Co-Chairs of Washington’s Law Enforcement Group against Identity Theft (LEGIT), are taking this opportunity to ask businesses to reinforce their work to protect consumer data.

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