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Watch out for scammers calling to say you won the lottery
Don’t apply for bogus jobs and have your personal information stolen
Chinese ‘Blessing Scams’ are causing more Distress than Peace
Consumer alert: Businesses should be on the lookout for fake invoices
Survey says: shoppers can't fight their impulses
New Year’s resolution: Don’t get scammed while getting fit
Protect Your ID Week: Child Identity Theft
Beware, anyone can fall victim to a skimming scam
Be careful about what you carry in your wallet
Attorneys general: Banks regulator still blocking our way
Credit check company fined for selling consumer info
Math disorder may make consumers victims
Advance-fee loan scams: don’t pay an up-front fee for a credit card
Illuminating tips for cutting your electric bill
Bogus debt collectors seeking personal info
Countering skimming scams
Government eyes gas and oil markets for fraud
Finding old insurance policies
FTC charges Washington man for fake news stories pitching products
Signs you are a victim of tax identity theft
Make sure your contractor is registered
Stethoscope seller’s sales practices make consumers’ blood boil
Tax scam targets seniors
Consumer news you can use … storage insurance, military ID theft, worthless ring tones
Glue-toting thieves 'stick up' ATM users
Want to buy a share of Facebook?
Nearly 40,000 Washington residents affected by Health Net data breach
Dodge tsunami charity scams
Washington AGO helps goad Smurfy solution to Smurfberry Kerfuffle
CP week tip of the day: Find the cheapest gas
Consumer Resource Centers saved public $4.8 million
Collections agencies, ID theft top consumer gripes for 2010
CP week tip of the day: Dealing with debt and collectors
Scamming S.A.T. takers?
Auto warranty seller barred from doing business in Washington
FTC sends refund claims to auto warranty fraud victims
CONSUMER ALERT: Misdialed “toll-free” number can cost you
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launches Web site, social media
Anchor Blue gift cards to expire this weekend
Gift card questions answered
Returning a gift? Bring your ID
Charity report: Santa vs the Grinch
The Kardashian Kard has been killed
Attorney General's top 10 shopping tips for Black Friday
Tricky Credit Scams
Assistant Attorney General remodels bad business practices
Blue Plate Special, Hold the Fraud
Some penny auctions use cheap tricks to cheat consumers
Used to buying new?
When one loophole closes another one opens
FCC launches Help Center and Canada is, in fact, a foreign country
Some mobile apps banking more info than you bargained for
FTC bans upfront fees for some debt relief companies
Bad legal advice nearly causes deportation
Boost your Money Smarts next week at KCTS
Timely warning on timeshare sales scams
Redmond Internet marketing company to reboot its claims
Avoid upfront fees for loan modifications
Gain your Money Smarts at Spokane and Lacey workshops
Should you sell gold for cash?
Tax season brings industrial shredders!
Should you co-sign a credit card for your student?
LifeLock barred from claiming it can prevent identity theft
High price of rent-to-own
Collection agencies push out phone companies for most complaints
This week's events for savvy consumers
2010: Time to eat healthy foods, exercise more and shed a few pounds
In debt? Know your rights when dealing with collectors
Stores pay more when you sign at the register instead of using a PIN
Credit changes filling the mail
KSER-AM to broadcast TeleTown Hall with McKenna tonight
All Consuming’s letter to Santa
Complaints about DIRECTV signal a serious problem, says AG
Don't be deceived by 'free' credit report offers
Lakewood police shooting – don’t be misled by fundraising calls
McKenna's top 10 shopping tips for Black Friday
11,000 Washington seniors on the phone with AG McKenna
Today Show spotlights post-transaction marketing
Wells Fargo agrees to buy back auction rate securities
Should you buy extra coverage for electronics?
Shop online? Watch out for sneaky charges
Biz Tip: Cut credit card processing fees with 'interchange plus'
U.S. House wants to speed up new credit card rules
AGs tell Congress: Don't limit states' authority to protect consumers
Grandparents still falling for 'wire me some $' scam
Attorney General prepared to hammer dishonest home remodelers
New interest-free and stripped-down credit cards
My gym closed. Can I get a refund?
How to avoid a repo when you can’t make a car payment
Reader questions: overdue traffic fines and credit opt-out
Dealer to refund consumers who never got their free gas
More consumers complaining about credit, AGs report shows
Public Counsel recommends rejection of Avista’s requested rate hikes
Get the best bang for your buck on textbooks
$10 TV too good to be true
Worry-Free Guarantee!
Consumer Protection and Youth
Consumer Rights in Purchasing Tickets
Settlement with Dish Network
Identity Score: You are a number now
FTC tackles Tacoma debt-repair company
Pierce County businesses claiming to help homeless aren’t charities
Consumer options are limited when businesses go bankrupt
Economic scams abound. We've got your back.
Free help available to pay for Rx drugs
Credit card bill: the end of fees or the beginning?
Is your elderly relative donating too much to charity?
The high price of love comes with a contract
Congress addresses drastic credit card interest hikes
If it seems cheap ...
Ride to Hell? Make sure your limo is licensed
When is a credit card payment due?
Courts offer break on your overdue traffic fines
Cell phone coupons baffle retailers
Dilbert's frustration with rebates
Wachovia fined $50 million for auction rate securities misrepresentations
Financial Literacy Month
Tax breaks for job-hunting costs
The look and sound of a scam
Loan modification scams claim more victims
Economic scams boom in recession
KCTS financial crisis series
Witty commercials tout the only free credit report site
Free tax help during Super Saturday
Taking charge in tough times -- free seminars
Foreclosure rescue bill update on way to Governor
Consumer protection bill hearings next week
Be wary of offers to reduce your debt
Buyer beware at liquidation sales
Simon says: Turn down the power bill
Choosing a wireless plan
Phone companies ring up the most consumer complaints
Debt collector to consumer: “&#@$%*!”
State pulls brakes – again - on moving company
What you need to know about renter’s insurance
Reserve Police Officers Association agrees to stop soliciting donations in Washington
State urge feds to push for affordable mortgages
Virtual credit cards may give online shoppers peace of mind
AGs urge Congress for more help for hurting homeowners
KB Toys gift cards -- use them, or lose them!
Wachovia bank checks are real
State officials warn about charity scams during economic crunch
Some loan modification programs may cost you
Fake Web coupons rip off buyers and sellers
Should you really say no to gift cards?
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac suspend foreclosures
All My Sons movers must come to a halt
Free gas vouchers leave consumers fuming
Chase-WaMu to provide mortgage relief, help 400,000 avoid foreclosure
A credit report you probably don't know about
Finances out of control? Ask an expert for free help today
Higher credit scores needed for best rates
Pesky debt collectors may not be legit
Attorney General says United Home Savers is a misnomer
Should you buy cell phone insurance?
Bank failures and takeovers create Phish-erman's Special
Phone roundup: The truth about unauthorized charges, cell phone directories
Warning about
Attorney General grinds down on motorcycle parts dealer
What the Fannie and Freddie seizure means to consumers
Elderly ripped off by relatives
Minimum purchase for credit card use?
Dirty deeds: AG raises the red flag on foreclosure fraud
Freeze Flash! Washington credit freeze law just got better
Credit and debit card blocking can sour weekend travels - so be careful!
Find a good electrician before you need one
Is your coupon a fake?
Buying winter heating oil now may not save much
Parents pay the price for teens’ cell use
New web content on foreclosures
Teens as major consumers?
When buying cars or goods in other states, remember Washington’s use tax
Free ring tones may come with hidden costs
Saving on Rx drugs -- risks and deals
Banking by phone? Zip your lip in public.
Free: TransUnion credit monitoring and score
States accuse Countrywide of predatory lending
Make sure your limo is licensed
Comparison of local grocery prices
FTC's major telemarketing fraud crackdown
Son's $ 5,174 cell phone bill includes a good lesson
Your gift card may be in Chapter 11
Save while using your cell overseas
Free pizza for a VISA? College kids wooed by offers
Feds propose credit card and overdraft protections
Speak up about PSE and NW Natural Gas rate increases
Free homeownership counseling
CP Week Tip of the Day: Hiring a reputable contractor
Six tips to make you a wiser consumer
CP Week Tip of the Day: Shopping online? Read the small print at checkout
CP Week Tip of the Day: Debt collectors fall into 2 categories – legit and bogus
Do your know what your home insurance policy covers?
Insurance companies overcharged Washington consumers
Don’t be suckered by investment scams
CP Week Tip of the Day: Choosing a cell phone plan
Choosing a tax preparer
More foreclosure help for struggling borrowers
Report finds delinquent borrowers not receiving help to prevent foreclosure
Why rebates go unfulfilled
Feds want to know what you think of credit freezes
Exercise your consumer smarts when joining a gym or diet program
AG McKenna to lead public forums on gas prices
New credit score formula on horizon
Freddie Mac’s YouTube video warns of foreclosure rescue scams
New MySpace graphics promote wise charitable giving
Tips for hassle-free gift returns
The price is right – sometimes
Advice when your mortgage lender goes bankrupt
Merchants can't print full card numbers on customer receipts
Read the fine print on rebate offers
Gift card laws and scams
How to find your missing property for free
Check out contractors before you pay for storm repairs
Feds bust list brokers in undercover sting
Washington kids talking like Kiplinger
Building a dream or living a nightmare?
Experian to offer credit freeze in November
Keep that old credit card account open
Check out charities before you give
Speak out on Avista's request to raise electric and gas prices
Blog watch: P-I on flight delays, KOMO on wedding insurance
Actor JK Simmons films documentary on investor fraud
Valuable advice for credit card holders
10 things trip insurance policies don't cover
Some free credit reports cost you
Seeing through deceptive mortgage ads
Consumer smarts for renting an apartment
New phone scam promises guaranteed student grants
Pump-and-dump scam floods e-mail inboxes
Opting out of credit card offers is a start ... although it can't remedy this blunder
Refund rights on door-to-door sales
Free 411 directory calls
Poor credit? You could pay higher insurance rates
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