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National Consumer Protection Week puts focus on ways AGO can help consumers
Have You Heard About Tax Identity Theft?
Cyber Monday consumers: Tips to shop wisely online
Black Friday shoppers: Be savvy, not sorry by following these simple tips
Watch out for scammers calling to say you won the lottery
Spoofers strike again
Free shred events starting again
Respecting Privacy. Safeguarding Data. Enabling Trust.
Nationwide Insurance data breach affects 20,000 Washingtonians
The password is “pleasestealmyidentity”
Is that a legit credit card company calling, or just another scam?
Test your scam-awareness with this “urgent message from Sudan”
My lucky day?
Olympic College Students & Faculty Victims of ID Theft
How to avoid becoming a victim of tax-related ID theft & scams
Data Privacy Day: Promoting privacy awareness and best practices
Protect Your ID Week: Shred to Protect
Protect Your ID Week: Child Identity Theft
Protect Your ID Week: What to do if you’re a victim of ID theft
Tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft
It’s National Protect Your Identity Week
Beware, anyone can fall victim to a skimming scam
Be careful about what you carry in your wallet
Beware of DOL-related phishing schemes
Feds host child identity theft forum
Credit-card scammer wakes hotel guests
Free credit monitoring for Sony PlayStation breach victims
Countering skimming scams
Tips for data breach victims
Credit card data possibly stolen from PlayStation and Qriocity users
Cyber thieves hacking business accounts, Sending money to China
Consumer news you can use … storage insurance, military ID theft, worthless ring tones
Nearly 40,000 Washington residents affected by Health Net data breach
Oodles of shredding events in Western Washington
Collections agencies, ID theft top consumer gripes for 2010
Spring into shredding season
Privacy in the era of social media
Identity thieves love social networking
Blue Plate Special, Hold the Fraud
“My password? It’s P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D.”
NOT “The Real Thing”
Phony health inspectors target restaurants
FBI warns of scam that hijacks your phone
Gain your Money Smarts at Spokane and Lacey workshops
Abagnale and Kasemehas: A Con-tradictory Comparison
Job scammers lurk on the Internet
New Washington driver license will help thwart identity theft
Computer spyware poses as meeting reminder
Tax season brings industrial shredders!
LifeLock barred from claiming it can prevent identity theft
Social network posts say more than you think
Raising the red flag on mail thieves
Identity fraud up in 2009, report shows
Who is watching you online?
All Consuming’s letter to Santa
Consumers bite at phishing scam
Don't be deceived by 'free' credit report offers
11,000 Washington seniors on the phone with AG McKenna
New AGO Events Calendar
Lowdown on all those free credit report sites
Check if your email password was hacked
Veterans target of prescription drug scam
Do the Puyallup with Rob McKenna!
Free fall shredding events
Psst! Bet I can figure out your Social Security number
Bellingham Herald: Sources for Consumer questions about Identity Theft
KIRO TV: Vast amounts of Personal Identity Recovered in Illegal dumping
Consumer Protection and Youth
Rip it up at July shred events!
Identity Score: You are a number now
TJX’s data breach a costly lesson
Economic scams abound. We've got your back.
Spring shredding is here! AG shows how it's done
Music downloads could lead to identity theft
Hot urban legends! Pass it on.
Spring break scam: Impersonators pose as students in trouble
Are identity theft prevention services worth the cost?
April showers bring free shredders!
Data Privacy Day occurs during streak of breaches
Attorney General warns of bogus employment scams
Free shredding Jan. 24 in Tacoma
Protect yourself from e-mail hijackers and spoofers
Virtual credit cards may give online shoppers peace of mind
Scammers claiming to be from your credit card provider
'Tis the season for mail theft
Can I freeze my child’s credit report?
ID thieves skimming your info at gas pump and ATM
Law enforcement seek new tools to fight sneakier identity thieves
Shred events in Everett and Kennewick this week
Coffee Break: Take back your identity!
Freeze Flash! Washington credit freeze law just got better
Personal documents – Keep or Shred?
Scam alert: ID thief poses as debt repairer
Bonnie of 'Bonnie and Clyde' ID thieves pleads guilty
FTC survey - Do current laws help ID theft victims?
Banking by phone? Zip your lip in public.
Free: TransUnion credit monitoring and score
Former smoke shop owner guilty of debit-card scam
Tax return identity theft
Free shredding, ID theft forum Friday in Redmond
Free shredding, ID theft forum tomorrow in Wenatchee
Identity theft prevention for travelers
Two more high-tech crooks down
AG McKenna to host town hall for Latino consumers
FTC report shows fewer Washington consumers reporting ID theft
FTC turns tables on phishing scam; cons now ask you to call local numbers
Three new identity theft scams happening right now
Feds want to know what you think of credit freezes
How difficult is it to steal from your bank account?
AG McKenna requests consumer protection laws
New Year's resolution: shred
American Community Survey is in the mail
Merchants can't print full card numbers on customer receipts
Looking for love online? Watch out for flirty bots
Survey shows 8.3 million identity theft victims in U.S.
Social networking site users may be ripe for identity theft
McKenna joins credit unions at statewide shredathon on Oct. 20th
Security software, like fire extinguishers, needs maintenance offers tips to spot online scams
Funny videos educate about fake check scams
Experian to offer credit freeze in November
Valuable advice for credit card holders
TransUnion and Equifax to permit preventative credit freeze
Peer file-sharing programs create identity theft risk
Labor Day chores made easier with free community shredding
Phone scammer tricks
Free shredding and identity theft forums
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