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Auto Dealer Guidelines 

Our mission is to create a marketplace where dealers compete on a level playing field and where consumers can base their buying choices on the quality and value of the products and services received.  It is our expectation that Washington residents can rely on receiving honest and timely disclosure of necessary information to assist with their purchase decisions.  The Attorney General’s Office works toward this objective through education, litigation and legislation.

Although auto sales complaints have declined, the industry has landed in the top five complaint categories in the last 10 years.  In 2008 alone, the Attorney General’s office received more than 1,400 complaints related to auto sales. Common complaints include bushingpacking, and evidence of misleading advertising or sales.

The links on the left include more information about these topics, as well as additinal resources. We hope the information provided here better enables you to understand and comply with Washington state laws that pertain to your business.

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