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Bob Ferguson

The Attorney General's Office is a member of the Washington State Healthy Youth Coalition and works with other organizations to educate parents and teens about the dangers of underage drinking and other drug use. Teens who are supported in making healthy choices are more likely to succeed in school and beyond.

Information for Parents

Parents, you are the most power influence in your child’s life.  Teens say the main reason they don't use alcohol or marijuana is because they do not want to disappoint their parents.  Visit www.StartTalkingNow.org to learn about how alcohol and marijuana can harm the developing teen brain, and get tips on talking with your teens, bonding, and setting boundaries. 

Information for Teens

In addition to talking with teens, parents can steer them toward websites to learn about the consequences of using alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. Listen2yourselfie is a website featuring videos of Washington teens explaining why they don’t use marijuana. Another good website is NIDA for teens.


Information for Retailers and Community Members

Not selling to minors, and not displaying ads for alcohol or marijuana that may appeal to children and teens, are other ways to discourage underage use.  It’s also important to know that:

  • Providing alcohol to minors can cost you up to $5,000 in fines, jail time and lawsuits.
  • New advertising rules limit the number of signs on stores and advertising at community events.
  • Alcohol promotional items at public events may only be given to people 21 years of age and over.
  • Connecting with others in your community can help prevent underage drinking.

We hope you will join us in keeping youth and young adults free from alcohol and marijuana.

Start Talking GirlWashington Healthy Youth Coalition

The Attorney General’s Office participates in the Washington Healthy Youth Coalition (WHY), whose primary goals include:

• Increasing public awareness about the harmful effects of underage drinking.
• Serving as a communication hub for underage drinking issues.
• Providing guidance that may impact public policy.
• Collecting information and concerns from local communities.
• Providing an advisory body for the OJJDP-funded Reducing Underage Drinking programs and support the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG) Advisory Council and other underage drinking-related initiatives, where appropriate.
• Reviewing, tracking, and disseminating relevant data.
• Providing opportunities to share information and coordinate efforts among state agencies, tribes, statewide organizations, and others.

The office actively participates in town halls sponsored by the Washington Healthy Youth Coalition (WHY) and this office remains an active participant in the coalition.

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