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If you rent your home you are covered by the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (RCW 59.18).  The Attorney General's Office is prohibited from acting as a private attorney on individual residential landlord-tenant complaints following a 1985 court decision (State v. Schwab) of the Washington Supreme Court.  Because we do not have the jurisdiction to enforce the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, we do not accept complaints or distribute information relevant to landlord/tenant issues.  In order to assist you with your questions, however, we have provided a comprehensive list of resources in the links to the left for those seeking information regarding residential landlord/tenant issues. 

The Attorney General's Office does have the legal authority, though, to accept and attempt to resolve disputes concerning tenancies from individuals who are mobile/manufactured home owners and are renting space for their homes in a mobile/manufactured home park.  If this applies to you contact the Manufactured Housing Dispute Resolution Program  at (866) WAG-MHLTA (1-866-924-6458) or file a complaint regarding your mobile/manufactured home dispute. 

If your landlord-tenant issue demands immediate legal action, you may want to seek Landlord Tenant resources for legal advice, mediation or Small Claims Court (for claims under $5,000 - no attorney necessary). If your complaint involves more than $5,000, you may wish to seek a private attorney.  
Below, please find some resources that may assist you with residential landlord/tenant issues:

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