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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LifeSmarts?
LifeSmarts is a game-show style contest open to all 9th through 12th grade students in Washington State. Throughout the year, high school teams compete in a series of online contests to test their life skill knowledge including personal finance. Teams with qualifying scores are invited to a state competition sponsored by the Washington State Employees Credit Union and the Attorney General's Office. After a series of head to head elimination rounds, the winning school represents Washington at the national LifeSmarts competition.

How does the Competition Work?
Teams from around the state will compete in an Internet-based competition first. Online, players compete individually, taking a series of three 20-question quizzes for a final score.
Team scores are tallied, and the top teams advance to the state finals held in Wenatchee. There, teams compete against one another by answering individual, team, and first-to-the-buzzer challenge questions. The winner will represent Washington at the regional and national competitions.
Questions are provided by the National Consumers League for use in the online, state, regional, and national competitions. Experts from throughout the country prepare and review the questions to ensure accuracy.
Each competition has officials such as the Question master, judges, referee, scorekeeper, and timekeeper. The officials are adults from the community who support teens and consumer education.

How Does a Team Sign Up?
First, register a coach on the official website. After you’ve registered a coach, follow the instructions to register a team.

When and Where is the State Competition Held?
The 2014 Washington state competition is scheduled for Feb. 14, 2014 in Seattle, Washington.

Is There a Fee to Participate?
LifeSmarts is free to any group of teenagers and their coach who want to participate. There is no fee or registration cost to participate in LifeSmarts. The players will need a few hours away from school for the district and state competitions. If the team proceeds to the regional and national competition, time away from school should not exceed two days.

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