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AGO Opinions with Topic: ELECTRICAL
AGO 1982 No. 2 >  January 21, 1982
APPLICABILITY OF STATE ELECTRICAL CODE TO INSTALLATION OF WIRING BY MUNICIPALITIES (1)  When a city or other municipality which does not have its own electrical code as provided in RCW 19.28.360 installs, or causes to be installed by contract, electrical wiring to energize traffic control devices, street lights and other associated electrical apparatus, the installation is subject to inspection, as provided in RCW 19.28.210, by a state inspector.(2)  If the city, instead, does have its own electrical ordinance as provided in RCW 19.28.360, the installation is subject to an inspection by a locally authorized inspector of that city who must fully meet the qualifications for inspectors as provided in RCW 19.28.070.
AGO 1984 No. 28 >  November 30, 1984
APPLICABILITY OF MUNICIPAL ELECTRICAL CODE TO INSTALLATION OF WIRING IN STATE BUILDINGS. (1) Under the provisions of chapter 19.28 RCW, regulating the installation of electrical wiring and equipment, cities and towns are authorized to enact electrical code ordinances establishing equal, higher or better standards than set forth in the state law; and, where a city or town has, in fact, done so the inspection functions and responsibilities then pass from the state to the city or town itself.(2) A local, municipal, electrical code so adopted by a city or town is applicable to the installation of electrical wiring and equipment involved in the construction of new buildings by state agencies within the particular city; and the city may impose its prescribed electrical inspection and permit fees in connection with the construction of such state facilities.
AGO 1998 No. 14 >  November 30, 1998
Authority of public utility district to engage in services ancillary to primary statutory purposes A public utility district has authority to sell and lease electrical fireplaces and other electrical appliances, and by contract to repair those appliances it sells or leases. A public utility district lacks authority to offer and provide Internet access, home security services, telephone services, cell phone and paging services, installation of telephone or cable equipment, and lacks authority to engage in the business of repairing electrical appliances other than those sold or leased by the district. Where proportionate to, and consistent with, the primary statutory purposes of the district, a public utility district may sell electrical power and may provide ancillary services such as vegetation management and power scheduling, to other electrical utilities located both within and without the State. A public utility district may sell or lease excess capacity on its fiber optic cable system to others, including private entities, assuming that the excess capacity has been acquired in amounts proportionate to the anticipated future needs of the district and not for the specific purpose of providing this service to others.
AGO 2013 No. 6 >  December 3, 2013
Identification Of Cost-Effective Energy Conservation Potential By Consumer-Owned Utilities
  1.  The reference to the “most recently published regional power plan” in RCW 19.285.040(1)(a), which was enacted as part of Initiative Measure 937, refers to the Pacific Northwest Electric Power And Conservation Planning Council power plan in existence at the time the statute was enacted.
  2. The term “methodologies” in RCW 19.285.040(1)(a) means a set of methods or procedures employed in the solution of a problem.
  3. The phrase “conservation calculator” in WAC 194-37-070 refers not only to the calculator employed in the power plan in existence at the time RCW 19.285.040 was enacted, but also refers to calculators based on the most recently published power plan.
  4. RCW 19.285.040(1)(b) requires a consumer-owned utility to review and update its achievable cost-effective conservation potential every two years, including any necessary update to biennial targets based on new information.
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