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AGO Opinions with Topic: REEMPLOYMENT
AGO 1954 No. 365 >  December 17, 1954
VETERANS RE‑EMPLOYMENT [[REEMPLOYMENT]]RIGHTS UNDER FEDERAL AND STATE LAW The Federal law providing for veterans' re‑employment [[reemployment]] is controlling when it conflicts with the provisions of a State law on the same subject.
AGO 1955 No. 3 >  January 6, 1955
STATE EMPLOYEES ‑- VETERANS ‑- REEMPLOYMENT ‑- RIGHTS OF (1) A qualified state employee, upon his resumption of employment, after a tour of military service is entitled as a matter of right to be returned to the same step of the State Salary Plan as he formerly occupied and (2) In the discretion of the appointing officer, such persons may be advanced to a higher salary level.
AGO 1955 No. 23 >  February 16, 1955
VETERANS REEMPLOYMENT RIGHTS UNDER FEDERAL AND STATE LAW. The Federal law providing for reemployment of veterans is inapplicable to state or political subdivision employee and the State law will control.   A description is herein set forth enumerating elements which must be considered in determining reemployment rights.   The city civil service commission must make the determination with respect to the facts.
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