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AGO Opinions with Topic: TERMS
AGO 1980 No. 13 >  May 22, 1980
EFFECT OF RCW 29.04.170 ON TERMS AND SALARIES OF CITY OFFICERS (1) In the case of a city councilman, city treasurer, or city clerk elected in November, 1975, to fill a four-year term commencing on the second Tuesday in January, 1976, that term actually ended at midnight on December 31, 1979, as a consequence of the legislature's enactment of RCW 29.04.170. (2) As a result of this shortening of the terms of office involved, the incumbent officials holding those offices were not entitled to a full year's salary for each of the four years initially encompassed in their respective terms since the last year of their terms was shortened by approximately two weeks.
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