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AGO Statewide Domestic Violence Liaison

 In keeping with his long-standing commitment to fighting domestic violence,  Attorney General Rob McKenna announced in October 2006 a new resource for local communities with the appointment of a statewide Domestic Violence Liaison.

The half-time Domestic Violence Liaison position, held by Investigator Larry McKnight, is designed to play a supporting role in virtually any aspect of domestic violence where the Attorney General’s Office can be of assistance to local communities.

 Larry McKnight

The role of the new AGO Domestic Violence Liaison will ultimately be defined by local communities based on how we can best assist them.

 Contact Larry McKnight:

Phone: 360-586-6345








  • McKnight serves as a state resource for local domestic violence task forces, and offers assistance with such issues as policies and procedures, best practices and legislative needs. 
  • He is working with the criminal justice community and others on the front lines to ensure that every agency in the state has adopted a culture throughout the ranks that recognizes domestic violence as a top priority.
  • He has also begun the task of assessing the problem of domestic violence statewide. Since recordkeeping on domestic violence issues varies among counties, he is working to compile accurate data for the entire state.
  • And he is developing a strategy for raising statewide awareness of the issue, particularly among men in our state.

McKenna’s ultimate goal in creating the AGO Domestic Violence Liaison is to find more ways to get more Washington citizens involved in the issue. We encourage you to contact us if we can be of assistance in your community.

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