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September 08, 2009
AG to present awards to heroic McDonald’s employee, life-saving state workers

Capitol Campus Safety Fair celebrates emergency training and preparedness

OLYMPIA — Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna will honor several heroic state workers and one courageous fast-food employee who whisked a child out of the clutches of a kidnapper. The awards will be presented Friday at the Public Employees Safety Awareness and Preparedness Fair.

Ten people will be awarded with the second annual Safety Fair Award:

  • Serenity LaChapelle, an employee of an Olympia McDonald’s. Serenity yanked an 8-year-old girl away from a stranger who tried to abduct her. The man, who had several warrants for his arrest, was later charged with second-degree kidnapping.
  • WSDOT maintenance worker Charley Hazen who, while working on SR-14, risked his life to steer a coworker out of the path of a speeding semi-truck.
  • Assistant Attorney General Steve North, who used his capitol campus safety training to save a life. Steve used a local gym’s defibrillator to resuscitate a man who had had suffered a massive heart attack.
  •  DSHS’s Charyn Niemeyer and her co-workers, Lori Humphrey, Sunny Hawkins, Janet Thomas, Stephanie Adams, and Jon Broger. Charyn suffered a cardiac arrest while at work. Niemeyer’s fellow employees will be honored for their use of safety training (CPR) and equipment (breathing mask and defibrillator), to save her life.
  • The AGO’s Wendy Scharber, who used her safety training to help a neighbor with heat stroke.

What:  Public Employees Safety Awareness and Preparedness Fair

When: Sept. 11, 2009, 10 a.m. -2 p.m.

Where: East Capitol Campus Plaza (across from Tivoli Fountain on Capitol Boulevard in Olympia)

Events/Activities/Demonstrations: Free Hot dogs · Free samples of safety-related merchandise · Safety gear for sale · Building rappel demonstration ·  Volunteer opportunities · SWAT Team · Smokey Bear · Bomb squad robot demonstration · Jaws of Life demonstration · Fire trucks

Janelle Guthrie, Director of Communications, (360) 586-0725
Patrick Colvin, Safety Committee, (360) 664-0092

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