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Bob Ferguson

Jul 26 2018
Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued the following statement today, after U.S. District Court Judge Jesse M. Furman rejected the Trump Administration’s attempt to dismiss Ferguson’s multistate lawsuit over the federal government’s decision to include a question about citizenship status in the 2020 U.S. Census.
Jul 26 2018
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today issued the following statement regarding his latest lawsuit against the Trump Administration for its efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act. The lawsuit, filed by Ferguson and 12 other attorneys general, challenges a Department of Labor rule that allows small businesses and self-employed individuals to join association health plans, which could significantly draw healthy people out of state health care exchanges.
Jul 24 2018
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that Facebook signed a legally binding agreement with his office to make significant changes to its advertising platform by removing the ability of third-party advertisers to exclude ethnic and religious minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ individuals and other protected groups from seeing their ads.
Jul 20 2018
Una jueza general concedió hoy la petición del Procurador General Bob Ferguson para acelerar su demanda multiestatal con respecto a la política de separación de familias del gobierno del Presidente Donald Trump. La jueza también concedió la petición de Ferguson de conferencias semanales ante el tribunal durante el período expedito de consignación de pruebas. Se programó la primera conferencia para el viernes 27 de julio.
Jul 19 2018
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced a crackdown on three deceptive charities that claimed to benefit veterans. These organizations told potential donors that their donations would benefit veterans when, in fact, little to none of the money raised did.
Jul 19 2018
A federal judge today granted Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s request to expedite his multistate lawsuit regarding the Trump Administration’s family separation policy. The judge also granted Ferguson’s request for weekly status conferences with the court during the period of expedited discovery. She scheduled the first conference for Friday, July 27.
Jul 13 2018
Washington state respects tribal treaty fishing rights. Federal law makes it illegal to enter Indian tribal trust land for the purpose of fishing without the tribe’s permission. 18 U.S.C. § 1165. You may be charged with a misdemeanor crime in federal court if you fish on Indian tribal trust land unless the tribe has given you permission.
Jul 12 2018
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that in order to avoid a lawsuit from his office, seven large, corporate fast-food chains will immediately end a nationwide practice that restricts worker mobility and decreases competition for labor by preventing workers from moving among the chains’ franchise locations. The companies will no longer enforce provisions included in franchise agreements that stop workers from moving to potentially better positions and wages, and will remove the language from current and future contracts.
Jul 5 2018
El Procurador General Bob Ferguson solicitó hoy a un juez federal que ordenara al gobierno federal proporcionar detalles y facilitar el acceso a las víctimas de la política de separación familiar del gobierno de Trump en una agenda expedita. La semana pasada, el Procurador General Ferguson lideró una asociación de 18 procuradores generales para interponer una demanda en Seattle que busca eliminar la política de separación familiar de manera permanente.