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AGO News Releases for 2012
SEATTLE – As he nears the end of a busy eight years as Washington State Attorney General, Rob McKenna is reminding families and policymakers to stay alert for threats to seniors.
SEATTLE – A powerful spam-sending application is attacking the most common smartphone operating system.

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that Washington joined with other states and the federal government to reach an agreement with Amgen, Inc., settling allegations that the drug-maker illegally marketed several drugs.


People Helping Horses bucks director and will audit finances

SEATTLE – An investigation by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office has led to significant changes to a Snohomish County horse rescue’s management and new controls on the organization’s fundraising and financial practices.


A man charged by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for Medicaid fraud has been apprehended...Mba was extradited from Texas to Washington state by the Thurston County Sherriff’s Office and arraigned on Dec. 13, 2012 in Thurston County Superior Court. Bail was set at $100,000 and Mba was required to surrender his passports.  Mba operated Pacesetters Medical Equipment.  He is charged with billing Medicaid for incontinent supplies that were not provided to 17 Medicaid recipients, resulting in $106,730.64 in Medicaid payments to Mr. Mba to which he was not entitled.  His trial is scheduled for Feb. 4, 2013.

State attorneys general reach deal over Zyvox and Lyrica

SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that he and 33 other state attorneys general reached a $42.9 million settlement with Pfizer Inc. to resolve allegations that the company unlawfully promoted its drugs, Zyvox and Lyrica.


Florida firm faces lawsuit over spam called “as illegal as it is annoying”  

SEATTLE – Spammers have discovered one of the most popular forms of modern communication: text messages. Unwanted word-filled bubbles now pop up on mobile phone screens, pitching products and frustrating consumers. Over a period of two days in May, for example, a Florida company blistered Washington state residents with tens of thousands of texts offering “quick cash” from payday loans. The Washington State Attorney General today fired back with a first-of-its-kind lawsuit.

McKenna and Attorneys General Koster and Zoeller call on Congress to take action to protect kids from being advertised for sex

SEATTLE – The Washington State Attorney General’s Office yesterday settled a lawsuit filed by sex trafficking site against Washington state.
SEATTLE, WA – Washington State Attorney General-elect Bob Ferguson announced the names of his transition committee today. Comprised of a statewide coalition of civic and legal community leaders, transition committee members will lend expertise from law enforcement, civil litigation practice, and both the public and private sectors to advise Ferguson as he prepares to take office.
State’s consumer watchdogs also have advice for consumers who need furnace and other repairs

SEATTLE – Last year, Gordon Bradford received unwelcome news during a yearly furnace inspection. A technician from Dick’s Heating and Air Conditioning said a heat exchanger hole made the furnace unsafe. Replacing the part, said the technician, would cost more than a new furnace. After spending $5,000 on a new machine, Bradford examined the old one. He didn’t find any holes on the heat exchanger.
Advice for surviving “Black Friday” and beyond

SEATTLE –  It’s become a yearly tradition at the Attorney General’s Office to release a list of holiday shopping tips. This year, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna recruited attorneys, investigators and other office staff to chip in with their suggestions.

Pinnacle Security, Inc. agrees to change sales techniques and offer customer restitution

SEATTLE – Door-to-door salespeople hawking home security monitoring services for Pinnacle Security, Inc. routinely said things that weren’t true, according to documents filed yesterday by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.


National report shows Washingtonians have received $521 million in benefits, with more to come

SEATTLE – An independent report released today shows that more than 7,000 Washington state residents have received new loan terms because of last March’s national mortgage settlement.

Attorney General-Elect Bob Ferguson has announced the appointment of the top two leadership positions for his new administration. Mamie Marcuss will serve as Chief of Staff, overseeing operations, communications, policy, and government affairs.  Chief Deputy Brian Moran will continue to manage legal operations.


Businesses, government, non-profits and others received misleading bills

SEATTLE – Washington State University was blanketed this fall by invoices from a company called US-Telcom. A Sammamish Montessori School, a Seattle Jewish day school and a Spokane women’s health clinic all received similar legitimate-looking invoices from the company for as much as $425. But none of those receiving the bills had ever ordered services from US-Telecom.


 Canceling subscription services sold by Oberon Media called “difficult by design”

 SEATTLE — An agreement negotiated by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office means “game over” for a video game company’s practice of signing up customers under false pretenses for hard-to-cancel recurring charges. The Washington State Attorney General’s Office, which reached the agreement yesterday with Delaware-based Oberon Media, Inc., calls the company’s tactics “unfair and deceptive” under the state’s Consumer Protection Act.


SEATTLE – An Everett auto dealership sued by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for deceptive  advertising, along with other illegal business practices, says it will change its ways. In a deal reached today, the owner of Performance Kia and the former Performance Nissan will pay $150,000 in attorneys’ fees and penalties to resolve the lawsuit.  Performance Jeep-Eagle, the business that operated Performance Kia and the former Performance Nissan, is also on the hook for another $55,000 if the business practices – violations of the Consumer Protection Act and other state laws – continue.

SEATTLE - Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that he and 37 other Attorneys General reached a $90 million settlement with GlaxoSmithKline LLC (GSK) to resolve allegations that the company illegally promoted its diabetes drug, Avandia.
OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna Friday joined with 45 other state attorneys general calling on Congress to adopt the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) by the end of the year. Among its important features, the legislation funds task forces to protect victims and prosecute traffickers. It also funds the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline, which provides help to trafficking victims 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals accused of illegal marketing, paying kick-backs to medical professionals

OLYMPIA - Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that Washington joined with other states and the federal government to settle allegations that Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BIPI) paid kickbacks and engaged in off-label marketing campaigns that improperly promoted Atrovent, Combivent, Micardis and Aggrenox.  BIPI, a Connecticut company, will pay the states and the federal government $95 million, of which $34.5 million will go to Medicaid programs. The settlement resolves allegations that the company's conduct caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs.

SEATTLE - Avista, UTC Staff, and other parties filed a non-unanimous multiparty settlement late Friday with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) in Avista's general rate case.  The Public Counsel Section of the Washington State Attorney General's Office did not sign the settlement.

Whitney’s Auto Group and its affiliated dealerships investigated for “unfair and deceptive” tactics

SEATTLE – A Washington State Attorney General’s Office investigation into Whitney’s Auto Group concluded Wednesday with an agreement halting consumer-unfriendly sales and marketing tactics. changes practices to resolve Attorney General’s investigation

SEATTLE – “Go to, the Internet’s leading people search site, just type in your name and see if someone is searching for you – for free,” proclaimed a television advertisement for Los Angeles-based website “It could be an old boyfriend,” an attractive young woman with a laptop wonders aloud. But unfortunately, according to documents filed today by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, there was nothing free about’s services.

This news release, regarding a case argued by the Washington State Attorney General's Office, was distributed by the Department of Ecology

OLYMPIA –Washington Department of Ecology Director Ted Sturdevant issued the following statement today on a state Supreme Court ruling upholding a voter-approved funding source for environmental protection and cleanups in Washington state.

The Washington State Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the appeal of a convicted rapist challenging the verdict that found him to be a mentally ill sexual predator. South Hill Rapist Kevin Coe will remain civilly committed as a sexually violent predator at the state's Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island.

Claim forms for one-time payments sent to thousands of state borrowers

SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that claim forms are going out to approximately 34,000 Washington state borrowers who lost their home to foreclosure.

SEATTLE — The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) presented Tacoma attorney David W.
Huey with the 2012 Angelo Petruss Award for Lawyers in Public Service. Named in honor of the late
Angelo R. Petruss, a senior assistant attorney general who passed away during his term of service on the
WSBA Board of Governors, this award is given to a lawyer in government service who has made a
significant contribution to the legal profession, the justice system, and the public.

Cencom, Inc. said to use “vague and misleading offers to lure consumers”

SEATTLE – A Kirkland, Washington-based business selling home alarm installation, repair and monitoring services nationwide will change marketing and billing practices criticized by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. 

 SEATTLE – The Public Counsel Unit of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office today challenged electric and gas rate increases proposed by Avista Corp.

Spokane Better Business Bureau discovered questionable practices at Physzique, alerted AG’s Office

SPOKANE – A Liberty Lake health club will change business practices the State Attorney General’s Office says violate state consumer protection laws.

SPOKANE – A week before trial was to begin in U.S. District Court in Yakima over Teck Metals, Inc.’s (Teck) liability for contamination from smelter discharges in Canada, the company has conceded its waste is leaching heavy metals in the upper Columbia River in Washington.  

 State Attorney General’s Office says Platinum Parking, LLC violated Consumer Protection Act

SEATTLE – A King County parking enforcement company has agreed to put the brakes on business practices that violate the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

 SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that he and 36 other Attorneys General reached a record $181 million dollar settlement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. McKenna and his colleagues allege that Janssen improperly marketed the antipsychotic drugs Risperdal, Risperdal Consta, Risperdal M-Tab and Invega.

SEATTLE — In an agreement with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, the owner of a rental property referral service has agreed to stop accepting fees from apartment-seekers and provide refunds to his customers.

SEATTLE – After receiving a flood of complaints against a Tacoma furniture store that was featured three times on King 5 Television’s “Get Jesse” and in an investigative piece by KIRO Television’s Amy Clancy, the Attorney General’s Office today filed a lawsuit against brothers Loren and Joeseph Gill, alleging both engaged in illegal business practices during the sale of home furnishings at Gill’s Furniture. 

 OLYMPIA – Gov. Chris Gregoire and Attorney General Rob McKenna today urged Department of Energy (USDOE) Secretary Stephen Chu to take all reasonable steps to adhere to the court-ordered timeline to clean up nuclear waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Washington state consumers to receive $2 million

SEATTLE — Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, along with the attorneys general of 54 states, territories and the District of Columbia, today announced an antitrust settlement with three of the largest book publishers in the United States.

SEATTLE – Thirteen Washington non-profit organizations will split the $43.8 million the state received to fund foreclosure relief as part of the landmark $25 billion national settlement with the country’s five largest mortgage servicers announced in February.

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office is joining the Washington State Departments of Veterans Affairs and Revenue in warning consumers about phone solicitors posing as state agents for a senior property tax relief program.  

The Washington State Attorney General's Office has settled a case with a trustee company formerly doing business in Washington for failing to comply with the state's laws.

OLYMPIA – Diana Esterly and Shawn Gronau, of Pierce County, were arraigned yesterday in Pierce County Superior Court, accused of overbilling the Medicaid program.

 OLYMPIA – Although stopping short of ordering action for the time being, the United States Court of Appeals today agreed with Washington state and seven other petitioners that the law requires the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to act on a license application to build a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. 

 SEATTLE – Today Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg and Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles issued the following statements about U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo S. Martinez’s decision granting Backpage’s preliminary injunction against SB 6251:

 McKesson will pay states to resolve drug pricing case

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that Washington state, as part of a national settlement against the McKesson Corporation, has resolved allegations that the company violated the Federal False Claims Act and various state false claims acts by reporting inflated pricing information for a large number of prescription drugs, overcharging the state’s Medicaid program.

SEATTLE – Pam Bailey is one of millions of Americans laid off during the Great Recession. The single mom found herself out of a job in 2007 when the bank she worked for merged with another. Her job search was severely complicated by the crumbling economy and bills started to pile up. Bailey missed two mortgage payments on her Kent home.

SEATTLE – The Washington State Attorney General’s Office and the King County Prosecutor’s Office today argued in defense of a state law to protect kids from being sold for sex. 

 US Fidelis will pay $13 Million in national settlement

SEATTLE – Consumers who received letters disguised as offers from vehicle manufacturers will be interested in a settlement announced today.

 Daughter frequently billed Medicaid while father splurged on a new home, Seahawks tickets

OLYMPIA — Today the Washington State Attorney General’s Office announced that the husband and daughter of a home-healthcare program client will serve jail time for stealing $111,705 from state and federal health care programs.

 SEATTLE – The Washington State Attorney General’s Office is joining the Federal Trade Commission in warning consumers about a new scam targeting seniors. 

 SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and county prosecutors from around the state this week filed their response to a lawsuit from online classified site

McKenna was in town promoting the Washington Homeownership Information Hotline, which connects struggling borrowers with counselors such as those at Apprisen. Today he repeated his warning that borrowers should stay away from those who offer potential loan modifications for an upfront fee, adding that such pitches come in email, phone calls and letters.

GlaxoSmithKline settles drug marketing and pricing claims

Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced Washington state’s share of the largest healthcare fraud settlement in U.S. history.

OLYMPIA – Today the US Supreme Court upheld the 2010 Affordable Care Act. In a close decision, with multiple opinions, the Court ruled that the federal requirement to purchase health insurance—specifically a plan dictated by government regulators – does not violate the Constitution.

President of National Association of Attorneys General addressed human trafficking, mortgage crisis

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today concluded his term as president of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), handing the gavel to Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.

SEATTLE – Vianna Engel was determined to hold on to her home. “If I lose my property, my elderly mother loses her home, too,” Engel this week explained to a staff member at the Attorney General’s Office. Her mom’s single-wide mobile home sits on Engel’s property in Rochester. “She took care of me and I’m not going to let this happen to her.”


SEATTLE – On May 7, attorney Liz MacDougall wrote in the Seattle Times that the online marketplace, which charges a dollar and up for prostitution ads, is “an ally in the fight against human trafficking.” On Monday, Backpage attorneys filed a lawsuit against the state of Washington over a first-of-its-kind law that encourages ID checks before prostitution ads are placed online.

 Consumers should think twice before giving these companies a “second chance”

SEATTLE – Guess who is back in town?  It’s the door-to-door magazine sellers from out of state who appear on doorsteps claiming outrageously priced subscriptions will help fund “second chance” opportunities for inner city youth.  The Washington Attorney General’s Office has issued warnings about such visitors before, and is again alerting consumers to beware of these solicitors and think twice before buying their magazines.

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Supreme Court today rejected a lawsuit claiming that Initiative 1183, which privatized state liquor sales, violated the state Constitution’s requirement that proposed laws only address a single subject. The Court also rejected a claim that the description of the new law on voters’ ballots was misleading.

 OLYMPIA — The Washington State Attorney General’s Office will continue to defend against a lawsuit challenging the state’s voter-approved law requiring a supermajority vote by legislators to raise taxes, and voter approval of tax increases that exceed the state spending limit.  King County Superior Court Judge Bruce Heller today ruled that Initiative1053, approved by the voters in 2010, is unconstitutional. The court held that the supermajority and voter approval provisions restrict the Legislature’s constitutional authority to raise taxes. 

King County Superior Court Judge Sharon Armstrong today issued a ruling in favor of the Attorney General’s Office in Mackey v. McKenna, a case brought by a group who urged the court to force Attorney General Rob McKenna to file amended briefings in the US Supreme Court six weeks after oral arguments and other briefs were filed in the case.

 State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams

BREMERTON –  Al Davis has never piled up credit card bills, avoids lines of credit  or even car loans. “I’ve always liked to save for what I want,” Davis this week told a staff member at the Attorney General’s Office.

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office today charged Dennis Merle Huston of Pasco, Wash., with the theft of $1.7 million from Franklin County. The former Franklin County Public Works director for administration and accounting is accused of Theft in the First Degree, Money Laundering and Violation of the Uniformed Controlled Substances Act - Possession of Cocaine.

 Seattle-based company accused of unfair and deceptive practices will pay restitution

SEATTLE – Over the last seven years, more than 500 complaints flowed into the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau regarding Seattle-based digital media provider RealNetworks, Inc. Consumers spoke of “odd charges” appearing on their credit cards, complaining of bills for monthly subscriptions for premium television, sports or game content that they never ordered.

SEATTLE – The state Attorneys General investigating’s adult services advertisements have rejected a demand by that the attorneys general stop asking for the site’s adult services sections to be taken down.

 State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams

SPOKANE –  Alexa Young always made her mortgage payments “on time, every time.” Yet, like millions of Americans, recent events conspired to put pressure on the Spokane single mom’s budget, making her monthly mortgage payment harder to meet. After two expensive surgeries and a reduction in the amount of incoming child support, Young found herself at the breaking point. Her mortgage payment was nearly half of her monthly income, leaving barely enough for necessities. She contacted her lender in an attempt to work out new loan terms.

SEATTLE – Reality star Kim Kardashian, fresh from a sweaty workout, decides to dump her personal trainer. “It’s not someone else, it’s something else” said the celebutante in a recent television advertisement. After a gratuitous shot of one of the starlet’s most photographed body parts and a scene of Kardashian glamorously lacing up a pair of Skechers, text on the screen says, “Bye-bye trainer, hello Shape Ups.”

GRAND MOUND, Wash.—A group of young Southeast Asian American students shared their experiences as members of a Seattle film project and walked away with the Grand Prize at the 2012 Spring Youth Forum-- a $3,000 partial scholarship to an upcoming prevention leadership conference.

 Adscend Media LLC also pays $100,000 in attorneys’ fees to state

SEATTLE – The owners of a California-based online marketing company have agreed to stop spamming Facebook users. The details were revealed today in a settlement – a consent decree – between Adscend Media LLC and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

Settlements involving consumer protection, Medicaid claims over illegal marketing of Depakote

SEATTLE – Working with other states, attorneys for the Washington State Attorney General’s Office have recovered more than $12 million through settlements with Illinois-based Abbott Laboratories, accused of illegally marketing an anti-seizure drug. The state will recover more than $10 million, split with the federal government, in a multi-state Medicaid fraud case against the company and more than $2 million from a consumer protection case.

OLYMPIA – In a rare turn of events, the State Supreme Court today reversed a previous decision in a challenge filed by a pedophile against the state’s Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) law.

The Washington state Law Enforcement Medal of Honor/Peace Officers Memorial ceremony will be held in Olympia on Friday. 

Governor Chris Gregoire and Attorney General Rob McKenna will award law enforcement officers with Washington state’s highest law enforcement award: The Medal of Honor. The medal is given to officers who made the ultimate sacrifice or have displayed exceptionally meritorious conduct. 

State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams

UNIVERSITY PLACE –  About a year ago, Irene Failor was on a ladder repairing her roof. Looking down, she watched a man walk up and nail a foreclosure notice to her house. 

NASCAR Driver and NW Native Kasey Kahne featured in new PSA on first annual “Stop the Texts Day”
SEATTLE – A shocking number of young drivers – who are already more accident-prone than older drivers –“text while driving.” As president of the National Association of Attorneys General, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna is helping sound the alarm about the dangerous practice.

Washington State Senior Counsel Andy Fitz will appear tomorrow before the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia as lead counsel for several jurisdictions urging the court to force a federal regulatory agency to move forward in the licensing process, issue a decision within 14 months and break the logjam preventing completion of a national repository for America’s high-level treated nuclear waste.

 OLYMPIA – Richard (Rick) Weber and Tienney Milnor will join the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and prosecute workers compensation fraud for the Department of Labor and Industries’ Fraud Investigations Program (L&I). Weber started today. Milnor joins him May 16.

Arrest warrant issued for former medical equipment supplier believed to have left the country

OLYMPIA — A Thurston County Superior Court Judge Tuesday issued an arrest warrant for the owner of medical supply company accused of Medicaid fraud. The warrant was requested so that the defendant can be arrested should he return to the United States.

VANCOUVER – “I just started to accept that I was going to lose the house I raised my kids in – that I thought I’d spend my final years in,” Vancouver’s Jim Fleming explains.

OLYMPIA — An ophthalmologist today pled guilty to stealing more than $51,000 from state and federal health care programs. In July, state prosecutors charged Dr. Behrouz Pirouzkar with three counts of First Degree Attempted Identity Theft and two counts of Medicaid False Statement.

State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams

SEATTLE – The record $25 billion dollar national mortgage servicing settlement over alleged widespread mortgage fraud, negotiated by Attorney General Rob McKenna along with 48 state attorneys general and the federal government, is now finalized by court order.

SEATTLE – In a continuing, bi-national effort to strengthen the legal systems in both the United States and Mexico, Attorney General Rob McKenna will host eighteen prosecutors from six Mexico states participating in a four-day, cross-jurisdictional law enforcement training to be held in Seattle this weekend.

SEATTLE – Standing today with two survivors of modern day slavery, the attorneys general of Washington state and Massachusetts announced that the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) will continue the fight against traffickers after McKenna steps down as the organization’s president.

McKenna’s “Pillars of Hope” summit aims to arm opponents of human trafficking

SEATTLE — Federal officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations, scholars, two filmmakers and a host of other concerned activists arrive in Seattle tonight for a confab to combat human trafficking.

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna issued the following statement today regarding the beginning of arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of portions of the national health care law.

WASHINGTON, DC – Sen. Mark Kirk, R-IL, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT and Rep. Dave Reichert, R-WA have added their voices to the tens of thousands of Americans signing online petitions and letters to, calling on the online classified site to end so-called “adult services advertisements.”

Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Stephen Warning upheld Initiative 1183, allowing the state to continue to implement the liquor sales initiative approved by nearly 60 percent of the state’s voters.
Attorney General Rob McKenna today issued the following statement in response toJudge William Thomas McPhee’s ruling today in Thurston County Superior regarding the proposed ballot title for Referendum 74. The ballot title faced dual challenges from Preserve Marriage Washington, a group supporting the referendum, and the League of Women Voters and others, who oppose the referendum.

Complaint against mortgage servicers filed, paving way for $25 billion mortgage settlement

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, along with 48 state attorneys general plus the District of Columbia, joined the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in alleging misconduct by the nation's five largest mortgage servicers in a civil complaint filed today.

OLYMPIA – A Seattle woman was sentenced Tuesday for Medicaid fraud charges filed by the Attorney General’s Office.

“Comprehensive integration” of consumer data may compromise privacy

SEATTLE – In a letter to Google Chief Executive Larry Page, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and 35 other state attorneys general outlined concerns about big changes to Google’s privacy policy. State attorneys general say the changes, going into effect on March 1, threaten the confidentiality of Google customers.  State AGs also say it has the potential to heighten the risk of identity theft and fraud, given that Google plans to store more detailed customer information.

 OLYMPIA – A prehearing conference occurred Wednesday for Jodi D. Becker of Eatonville. The defendant is charged with Criminal Mistreatment in the First Degree for causing bodily harm to a Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) client, which led to his death. Becker, whose license was revoked by DSHS, was the owner and administrator of Eatonville Manor, a boarding home located in Pierce County.  She is also charged with 12 counts of Theft in the First Degree, two counts of Theft in the Second Degree and one count of Medicaid False Statement.  In addition to Becker, a separate charge of Criminal Mistreatment in the First Degree was also brought against the DSHS client’s medical provider, nurse practitioner Joanne Hardtke.

SEATTLE – If history is any guide, scammers will surely try to take advantage of news of the largest consumer protection settlement in U.S. history.

SEATTLE – Nearly a year of intense negotiations over mortgage servicing and foreclosure abuses has resulted in the largest consumer financial protection settlement in U.S. history. Thousands of Washington state homeowners stand to benefit who have already lost their homes or are struggling with mortgages larger than the value of their property.

Telecoms, collection agencies and broadband providers again top complaints to AG’s Office

SEATTLE – The numbers are in. The Washington State Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division today announced their annual list of the top 20 classes of companies about which consumers complain.

SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg today asked businesses to reinforce their work to protect consumer data.

SEATTLE If you use Facebook, the world’s top social networking site, you may have “liked” an Internet scheme without even knowing it – and unwittingly helped spread the scam to your Facebook friends. But today, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and Facebook announced the latest step in an ongoing fight against spammers and scammers: a lawsuit against the co-owners of Adscend Media, LLC, an ad network that is alleged to develop and encourage others to spread spam through misleading and deceptive tactics, including the one known as “clickjacking.”

SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna will visit Facebook’s Seattle headquarters Thursday to announce a joint legal strategy against a pervasive new scheme that takes advantage of those using the social media platform.

 SEATTLE –– Pacific Power customers may comment this week on the company’s proposed electric and gas rate increases during public hearings in Walla Walla and Yakima.

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna yesterday joined 52 of his fellow state and territorial attorneys general in calling on Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to ensure that vital programs to keep women and families safe continue uninterrupted.

SEATTLE - On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day (January 11th), ethical beauty retailer, The Body Shop, alongside campaign partners ECPAT USA and The Somaly Mam Foundation, will hand over petition signatures of more than 720,000 U.S. citizens to the President of the National Association of Attorneys General, AG Rob McKenna. The petition demonstrates widespread public concern on the sex trafficking crisis affecting children and young people here in the U.S. and across the world.

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Supreme Court today issued a 7-2 decision in McCleary v. Washington, ruling that the state is not complying with its constitutional duty to “make ample provision for the basic education of all children in Washington.”

OLYMPIA – Tracy Lundeen and Ken Paulson experienced a kind of terror that, fortunately, most people will never know. Tracy was stalked for nearly two decades by a boy she met when she was just 13.

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