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May 15, 2006
McKenna announces appeal in I-747 case (Radio Version)

OLYMPIA - Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced plans to appeal King County Superior Judge Mary Roberts’ June 13 ruling that Initiative 747 is unconstitutional.

Roberts ruled I-747 was unconstitutional because it amended I-722, a law that was declared unconstitutional in September 2001. The ruling came long after I-747 had been filed and circulated and just two months before it was approved by voters. Initiative 747 was filed in January 2001 and approved in November 2001 by 57 percent of the people.

The state argued that the constitution does not require initiative drafters to predict that the underlying law might be invalidated when they file their initiative and begin collecting signatures.

ACTUALITY: “Penalizing voters because the initiative drafters failed to predict whether or not I-722 would be upheld is bad public policy. It severely damages the people’s power of initiative.” (11 seconds)

The Attorney General’s Office plans to file its direct appeal later this week.


Media Contacts: Janelle Guthrie, AG Media Relations Director, (360) 586-0725


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