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March 14, 2007
RADIO: Attorney General Rob McKenna joins Century Council in unveiling new campaign

We Don’t Serve Teens Campaign urges parents to speak up and discourage underage drinking

SEATTLE, WA— Attorney General Rob McKenna joined representatives of the Washington Liquor Control Board and the State Patrol in Seattle yesterday to support The Century Council’s new public awareness campaign to prevent underage drinking.

Actuality #1: Kids cite their parents as the leading influence over their decision to drink - or not to drink - alcohol. The key is to take action BEFORE your child is faced with making that decision. The next step is to create opportunities to talk to your kids about alcohol. Their future depends on it. (15 seconds)
The new initiative called “We Don’t Serve Teens” was developed by The Federal Trade Commission and The Century Council, a national not-for-profit organization funded by the nation’s leading distillers.  It is designed to inform adults that providing underage youth with alcohol is unsafe, illegal, and irresponsible.

Actuality #2: Sixty-five percent of youth who reported they drink said that they obtain alcohol from family and friends. Providing any child under the age of 21 with alcohol is unsafe, irresponsible, and illegal.   (12 seconds)
The Century Council will continue to roll out the campaign in cities across the country through 2007. For more information on the campaign or to order materials visit or

View the TV PSA.

For More Information Contact: Janelle Guthrie, APR, Communications Director
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