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January 03, 2008
McKenna unveils community safety, consumer protection and government accountability initiatives

OLYMPIA—Attorney General Rob McKenna today released his 2008 legislative agenda, incorporating the work of a myriad of task forces and work groups into a solid group of community safety, consumer protection and government accountability initiatives.

“This agenda builds on our past policy initiatives, strengthening and expanding our state’s ability to protect people from identity theft, domestic violence, Internet crimes against children,” McKenna said.

“Our office is also working with others to protect homeowners from losing their homes through misuse of eminent domain statutes or mortgage rescue scams,” he said. “Finally, we’re helping improve government accountability by focusing on the state’s Open Public Meetings act. All of these initiatives are the result of collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders in Washington.”

Actuality #1

In 2005, the Legislature unanimously passed a law requiring cell phone companies to obtain “opt-in” consent from subscribers before publishing their wireless phone numbers in directories. Now, despite this legislation, online companies are compiling and selling cell phone numbers and other personal information. The Attorney General’s Office has proposed a bill to require people who compile, market or sell phone numbers for commercial purposes to also obtain a consumer’s opt-in consent before publishing wireless phone numbers in directories. Violators could be fined up to $50,000. (38 seconds)

Actuality #2

In this time of rising mortgage rates, desperate homeowners have been lured by offers of assistance – only to be cheated out of equity they’ve built up and tricked into transferring ownership of their home. Cons gain ownership of the home for much less than its actual value, then evict the family and sell the home – stealing a families’ equity and leaving them homeless.

The Attorney General’s Office is requesting legislation to reduce foreclosure rescue schemes that include an option to buy or lease back the property from the con artist. (25 seconds)


Media Contacts: Janelle Guthrie, Communications Director, (360) 586-0725


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