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AGO Radio Clips for 2006
Program Equips Educators and Law Enforcement with Tools to Teach Internet Safety to Students - SEATTLE/SPOKANE – One in seven young people who use the Internet is solicited for sex online. One out of three are exposed to sexually explicit pictures. U.S. Attorneys James A. McDevitt and John McKay and Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna have launched a new partnership designed to help keep kids safer online by teaching them how to avoid potential online risks.
OLYMPIA – The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether teachers, who are required to pay union fees, but are not union members, must affirmatively "opt-in" to have some of those fees spent on the union’s political activities– or whether the union can simply give them an option to "opt-out."
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Rob McKenna today made the following statement on the Washington State Supreme Court’s decision in Andersen et al. v. King County et al, in which the court upheld Washington’s Defense of Marriage Act.
OLYMPIA - Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced plans to appeal King County Superior Judge Mary Roberts’ June 13 ruling that Initiative 747 is unconstitutional.
SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna today warned consumers to watch out for callers who claim you have won a voucher for free gasoline then ask for a checking account number.
SEATTLE – In response to rising gas prices in Washington, Attorney General Rob McKenna said that his office is monitoring gas prices for any indication of anticompetitive conduct among petroleum retailers or suppliers.
SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna today voiced opposition to a proposed IRS rule expanding third-party access to information from individual tax returns.
Olympia - Attorney General Rob McKenna will testify on two of his top priority bills tomorrow (Feb. 21) in the House Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee.
OLYMPIA - As the Legislature enters the next phase of the 2006 session, a series of bills requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna to protect children and communities, reduce crime and enhance open government continue to move toward becoming law.
A national media briefing conference was held Jan. 23 in Los Angeles. Attorney General Rob McKenna, Assistant Attorney General Dave Huey, and Chuck Cross, director of Consumer Services for the Department of Financial Institutions, participated with representatives of six other states.
OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today presented legislation recommended by his “Operation: Allied Against Meth” task force to the Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee in Olympia.
OLYMPIA–Attorney General Rob McKenna will present the “Operation: Allied Against Meth” task force legislation to the Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee Monday.
OLYMPIA– As the state’s top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Rob McKenna is introducing a series of bills this session to fight meth and protect children and communities against sex offenders.
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