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Tools for Schools

Information for schools working on school safety plans is available from the Office of the Superintendant of Public Instruction.

NAAG Task Force on School and Campus Safety

In September 2007, the Attorney General's Office joined other members of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) Task Force on School and Campus Safety in releasing a 14-page report identifying recommendations for changes in laws and educational policies to give students better protection from violence in their schools and on college campuses.

The report focuses on key issues that came into focus as a result of the recent tragedy on the Virginia Tech campus and other eruptions of school violence across the country, and was compiled with assistance from nationally recognized experts in the field of school and campus security.


Bullying CoverBullying, It's not Okay (PDF 219K, August, 2001)

The medical community recognizes bullying as a serious public health issue. At its own expense, the Washington State Medical Association is distributing this brochure to pediatricians and family physicians statewide. Doctors will soon give it to parents of school-age children during examinations. Further, doctors will discuss bullying with parents and children as part of every checkup.

The partnership with the medical community is recognition of the seriousness of this issue to the health of our children and is part of the Attorney General Office's ongoing work to help reduce youth violence in Washington.

Cosponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics Washington Chapter (http://wcaap.org) and the Washington State Medical Association (http://www.wsma.org)





Teen Dating Violence CoverTeen Dating Violence (October, 2002)

We've developed this web site to help teens and the people who care about them understand relationship abuse. Building awareness is one of the best ways to combat this all-too-pervasive problem.