Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1959 NO. 52 > Jul 20 1959

(1) Under RCW 51.36.020, and for injuries occurring before June 1951, the department may not repair or replace artificial substitutes or mechanical appliances where the replacement is required because of gain or loss of body weight or due to wear and tear, but either may be replaced where there has been aggravation of the injury requiring additional treatment and as a result thereof the old substitute or appliance is no longer adequate or serviceable.  (2) The term "artificial substitute" as used in RCW 51.36.020 includes artificial eyes, but does not include dentures.  (3) The term "mechanical appliance" as used in RCW 51.36.020 does not include artificial eyes or dentures.  (4) In cases of injuries prior to June 1951, artificial eyes may not be repaired or replaced when worn to the extent of being unserviceable; but may be repaired or replaced in case of injuries occurring subsequent to June 1951.