Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1961 NO. 29 > May 18 1961

(1) County funds which are neither transferable without limitation nor not transferable at all may be loaned on a temporary basis to a solvent fund.(2) The responsibility for making the loan is that of the Board of County Commissioners rather than the County Treasurer.(3) Insolvency of the borrowing fund, in the sense of no assured income within the control of the governmental body to which the fund belongs, would preclude the loan being legally made.(4) The permissive duration of a loan from one county operating fund to another may extend beyond the county fiscal period but must not be a permanent transfer.(5) The County Commissioners must charge a stated interest rate per annum to the borrowing or benefited fund.

AGO 1962 NO. 139 > May 23 1962

A board of county commissioners may authorize a loan of surplus (nonappropriated) amounts in the county road fund to a solvent county expense fund on a temporary basis provided interest on the loan is charged.