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Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1966 NO. 102 > Aug 9 1966

(1) A school district has not been authorized by the legislature either expressly or by implication to expend district funds or utilize its school facilities or employees for printing and mailing a bulletin, the purpose of which is to influence a favorable result in a school election. (2) A school district does not have express or implied statutory authority to expend its funds or utilize its facilities or employees for printing and mailing a bulletin, the purpose of which is to provide general information to the inhabitants of the district or the general public (and not merely the students and/or parents) about the district's public schools and school programs.  However, the district may by letter, mimeographed or printed bulletin publish and disseminate such information of a general or special interest to students and to parents of children attending or about to attend school in the district (as distinguished from a publication designed to influence a particular vote at an election).

AGO 1966 NO. 114 > Oct 17 1966

(1) A city which is contiguous to a weed district is required by RCW 17.04.160 to provide for the destruction, prevention and extermination of species of weeds designated for control by the weed district pursuant to RCW 17.04.030 on private as well as public property located in such city. (2) A city is authorized to expend public funds to carry out the duty imposed by RCW 17.04.160.

AGO 1964 NO. 121 > Sep 17 1964

The board of county commissioners of a county does not have the authority to expend public funds for tourist promotion by advertising the county in terms of recreational advantages and facilities to be found therein.

AGO 1964 NO. 124 > Oct 20 1964

A county can in a proper case (in this connection see AGO 61-62 No. 71 [[to Mark Litchman, State Representative on October 11, 1961]], and AGO 63-64 No. 118) provide legal services 61-62 No. 71, and AGO 63-64 No. 118) provide legal services for the sheriff and his deputies when they are sued as the result of an official act but this responsibility is not a statutory duty of the prosecuting attorney's office.

AGO 1954 NO. 314 > Sep 10 1954

A county may not make an advanced contribution to a fund to be administered by private parties to defray the cost of dedicating McNary Dam.   It may, however, pay certain items of cost upon duly certified vouchers after the services have been performed or the materials furnished.