Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1965 NO. 59 > Dec 17 1965

(1) Under § 1, chapter 240, Laws of 1965, Ex. Sess. (RCW 36.33.110), the board of county commissioners is required to expend at least fifty percent of federal forest funds received by the county for the benefit of the public schools.  Since the legislature has not prescribed the manner of apportioning the money, the board of county commissioners may, in the exercise of its sound discretion, make any apportionment it desires as long as the money is used for the benefit of the public schools including but not limited to division of the funds either (1) among the school districts of the county to be expended as the boards of directors thereof may direct, or (2) among the school districts of the county to be expended in the manner directed by the board of county commissioners. (2) An expenditure by the county for removal of snow and bridge repair on county roads, which incidentally benefits the schools, cannot be charged to that portion of the federal forest funds which must be expended for the public schools. (3) The county commissioners acting pursuant to § 1, chapter 140, Laws of 1965, Ex. Sess., may not allot federal forest funds to the county superintendent's budget.

AGO 1960 NO. 102 > Feb 25 1960

Federal forest reserve funds may not be used to pay the salary of the county school superintendent, his stenographer's salary, or other normal expenses such as travel, car repair and capital outlay for office equipment.

AGO 1962 NO. 161 > Sep 5 1962

The board of county commissioners of a county in which part of a joint school district is located may not expend federal forest funds for improvement or addition to school buildings situated in another county, where the joint district belongs to such other county under RCW 28.57.250.