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Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1973 NO. 2 >

(1) A person will not be required who is serving as an elected official during a portion of 1973 who resigns or otherwise vacates his office on or before December 31, 1973, to file a report of his financial interests for that year under the provisions of § 24 of Initiative No. 276. (2) A person who is serving as an elected official on January 1, 1974, will be required to file a report under § 24 of Initiative No. 276 where such person resigns from his office at some time between that date and January 31, 1974 ‑ the deadline for filing of the subject reports.

AGO 1993 NO. 3 >

1.  RCW 42.17.080-.090 require political committees to report campaign contributions to the Public Disclosure Commission.  This requirement only applies to political committees.  An organization is only a political committee if a primary purpose of the organization is to affect, directly or indirectly, governmental decision making by supporting or opposing candidates or ballot propositions. 2.  Washington must have jurisdiction over an out-of-state political committee in order to impose its campaign reporting requirements.  To obtain jurisdiction there must be purposeful minimum contacts between the out-of-state organization and Washington.  This is a factual question that must be determined on a case by case basis, however, the act of making contributions in Washington establishes the necessary jurisdiction. 3.  If Washington does not have jurisdiction over an out-of-state political committee, it is not required to file reports with the state.  However, if this nonreporting committee subsequently makes contributions to candidates in Washington, it must file a report pursuant to RCW 42.17.090(1)(k) as a nonreporting political committee or its contribution will be forfeited to the state.

AGLO 1973 NO. 22 >

Necessity for legislators to provide information to lobbyists' employees under § 18, Initiative No. 276

AGLO 1973 NO. 36 >

Definition of "lobbying" by a state court judge under §§ 16 and 19 on Initiative 276; registration and reporting requirements