Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1974 NO. 8 > Jan 18 1974

If a motor vehicle owner acquired personalized license plates under RCW 46.16.355 prior to the effective date of chapter 200, Laws of 1973, 1st Ex. Sess., such an owner is now required by the provisions of § 7 of this new act to pay an annual renewal fee of $20.00 to retain those previously issued license plates.

AGO 1953 NO. 502 > Mar 25 1953

Conversion trucks, equipped to use either gasoline or propane fuel, must carry "DT" or "diesel truck" license plates, issued pursuant to RCW 46.16.074, which imposes a 25% higher fee than that required for trucks propelled solely by gasoline.