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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1963 NO. 29 >

Section 3, chapter 230, Laws of 1963 (cf. RCW 26.04.180), which provides that a marriage license issued pursuant to the provisions of that chapter shall be void if the marriage is not solemnized within thirty days of the date of issuance of the license applies only to those licenses issued after, and not before, the effective date of the act, June 13, 1963.

AGO 1988 NO. 30 >

That portion of RCW 26.04.210 which requires applicants for marriage licenses to make and file with the county an affidavit showing they are not afflicted with any contagious venereal disease is still enforceable, and was not repealed or amended by chapter 206, Laws of 1988 (an act relating to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases).

AGO 1988 NO. 31 >

There is no conflict between RCW 77.12.095 and RCW 77.12.120, because section 77.12.095 is a specific statute permitting wildlife agents to conduct inspections of certain regulated commercial enterprises without warrants, while section 77.12.120 is a general statute authorizing wildlife agents to obtain warrants to conduct searches or seizures in cases where section 77.12.095 is inapplicable.

AGO 1991 NO. 31 >

1.  RCW 66.04.030 permits a local option election unit to conduct an election in the question of whether the sale of liquor under a class H license should be permitted within the election unit.  The boundaries of the local option election unit are the city or town or unincorporated portion of the county in which the unit is located.  If the voters approve the proposition, it is unlawful to sell spirituous liquor by the drink within the local option election unit.   2.   When a city annexes new territory, the general rule is that the authority of the city extends over the new territory.  However, cities are not granted the power to restrict the sale of liquor.  That power is granted to the voters of a local option election unit.  Annexation does not make the new territory a part of the local option election unit.  The prohibition on liquor sale is limited to the corporate limits of the city as it existed at the time of the local option election.  Thus, when "wet" territory is annexed into a city that contains a "dry" local option election unit, it does not become "dry" by reason of the annexation.

AGLO 1978 NO. 32 >

A licensed real estate salesman, in engaging in rental transactions involving his own, personally owned, real property, is not statutorily required to process those transactions through his real estate broker; however, the broker may, as a condition of employment, impose such a requirement and, in any event, could, depending upon all factual circumstances, be held legally responsible for his salesman's conduct in connection with the latter's rentals of his own property.

AGLO 1974 NO. 43 >

The provisions of RCW 19.16.250(16) prohibit a collection agency licensed as such under chapter 19.16 RCW from placing a collect telephone call within the state of Washington to a debtor or other person located out-of-state for the purpose of demanding payment of a claim or seeking information about a debtor.

AGLO 1975 NO. 48 >

Local responsibility for enforcement of chapter 175, Laws of 1973, 1st Ex. Sess., providing for the licensing of journeymen plumbers, rests with the prosecuting attorney of the county in which the violation occurred insofar as a criminal action under RCW 18.106.160 is concerned.

AGO 1957 NO. 53 >

Licenses for the practice of drugless therapeutics should be issued for the practice of the particular coordinated branch of drugless therapeutics that the applicant intends to practice.  Such license should not contain the descriptive words "physician" or "doctor".

AGO 1959 NO. 61 >

Any information contained in a motor vehicle operator's file which would be helpful in determining whether to post proof of the ability to respond in damages of a driver whose license has been suspended should be furnished to any person or company satisfying the director of licenses that the information is sought to aid in such a determination.

AGLO 1976 NO. 65 >

Employees of a given employer who do not hold an electrician's certificate of competency as provided for in chapter 18.37 RCW may perform electrical work on the premises of their employers.