Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1956 NO. 243 >

1. A special school for the teaching of hair styling only is not authorized nor can it be licensed under the laws of the state of Washington.   2. If such a school is opened without a license, the proper procedure is for the department of licenses to refer the matter to the prosecuting attorney of the county in which the school is located.   3. The director of licenses has jurisdiction over any individual practicing beauty culture as an operator or instructing in hair dressing regardless of whether or not such individual is licensed in another state.

AGO 1952 NO. 287 >

In view of chapter 184, Laws of 1933, (RRS (P. Supp.) 8276-1 et seq.), as amended, a municipal corporation in furtherance of its regulatory powers may not require the payment of a license fee for the privilege of conducting or holding boxing and/or wrestling contests within said municipality. It is to be noted that this conclusion is based upon the assumption that there is no special provision in a given municipal charter granting a municipality autonomy with respect to wrestling, boxing, and the regulation thereof.

AGO 1954 NO. 360 >

A court is not authorized to suspend the motor vehicle Operator's license of a person convicted of negligent driving, by virtue of RCW 46.20.280.  AGO 49-51-360, 10/3/50 to Chief, State Patrol, overruled .

AGO 1951 NO. 424 >

Notwithstanding the licensing authority being changed from the Director of Licenses to others enumerated in the statute, chapter 72, Laws of 1935, does not repeal chapter 52, Laws of 1911, requiring as a prerequisite that an alien, before being licensed to possess or carry any firearm, must present a certificate of the consul of the country from which he came that he is a responsible person.

AGO 1953 NO. 505 >

Senate Bill repealing RCW 18.85.120 (2) eliminates the requirement of a bond as a prerequisite to the issuance of a real estate broker's, associate real estate broker's, or salesman's license, since RCW 18.85.300 does not impliedly require such a bond.