Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1978 NO. 24 > Aug 9 1978

(1) If only one candidate files for a given district court position, a primary election will nevertheless be required to be held in accordance with the general provisions of chapter 29.21 RCW because neither RCW 29.21.015 nor Article IV, § 29 (Amendment 41) of the state constitution are applicable.  (2) If there is a contested primary election for the position of district court judge, the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes are both to have their names placed on the general election ballot in accordance with RCW 29.21.150 even though one of those candidates receives a majority of the votes cast for the position at the primary.    (3) There is no statutory provision applicable to district court judges which requires that a candidate receive a given percentage of the total votes cast at a nominating primary in order to have his name appear on the general election ballot.  (4) Because of the inapplicability of RCW 29.21.010 to the election of district court judges, the names of candidates for that office need not be listed alphabetically on the primary ballot.  (5) For the same reason, there is no statutory requirement (insofar as the election of district court judges is concerned) that the various candidates' names appear on the general election ballot in sequence relating to the number of votes each candidate received in the primary election.