Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1979 NO. 9 > Apr 20 1979

The provisions of RCW 81.48.010, requiring trains to ring their bells or sound their whistles prior to crossing a traveled road or street, are not applicable where only a private road is involved.

AGO 1978 NO. 16 > May 10 1978

(1) The Urban Arterial Board (UAB) may allocate urban arterial trust account moneys for construction projects on city arterials which form a part of the state highway system, but only if such moneys are requested by a city and the project otherwise meets all requirements for urban arterial projects.   (2) The Urban Arterial Board is not permitted or required to allocate urban arterial trust account moneys for the construction of state highways outside of incorporated cities or towns.

AGO 1988 NO. 20 > Sep 29 1988

A public transportation benefit area may not use its funds for improvements or maintenance of public roads and streets by means of an interlocal cooperation agreement with cities and/or counties, because the public transportation benefit area is not legally responsible for road and street construction or maintenance.

AGO 1955 NO. 101 > Jun 15 1955

(1) A county has no right of eminent domain to acquire rights-of-way for public highways within city limits.  (2) A fourth class town may dedicate a street through park property provided that the use of the land for street purposes will not be inconsistent with the use of the remaining land for park purposes.