Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1955 NO. 13 >

 The Washington Toll Bridge Authority has implied power to negotiate pension benefits for the employees of Washington State Ferries.

AGO 1971 NO. 36 >

(1) The Washington toll bridge authority resolution authorizing issuance of bonds for the Evergreen Point Toll Bridge does not prohibit the highway commission from reserving a lane of the bridge for exclusive transit use.(2) RCW 47.52.025 authorizing the highway authorities of the state, counties, and cities to regulate, restrict, and prohibit the use of limited access facilities by the various classes of vehicles or traffic empowers the state highway commission to restrict the use of a highway lane across the Evergreen Point Toll Bridge for exclusive transit use.(3) Additional legislation will be required to authorize the highway commission to give preferential use of lanes to cars carrying a specified minimum number of passengers.

AGO 1955 NO. 37 >

1. The toll bridge authority is composed of the governor, state auditor, chairmen of the public service and highway commissions, and directors of public institutions and highways.2. Three members, exclusive of the director of highways, constitute a quorum of the authority.3. The authority, rather than the highway commission, has the responsibility for and control over the ferry system operation.

AGO 1961 NO. 58 >

(1) The provisions of RCW 47.56.220 barring the construction of other bridges within ten miles of an existing span, would be applicable to the proposed government island bridge if the bonds for such project were issued by the Washington toll bridge authority, but would not be applicable to toll bridge bonds issued by class A and first class counties, by port districts, or by the state of Oregon, or any of its subdivisions. (2) If the government island toll bridge bonds are issued under the toll bridge authority, making RCW 47.56.220 applicable, a waiver by the bondholders to permit the construction of other bridges under certain conditions could be incorporated in the toll bridge authority's bond resolution.  If the proposed bridge be of a federal character the waiver by the bondholders should be included in the bond resolution.

AGO 1957 NO. 126 >

(1) The authority of King County under RCW 47.56.250 to support the payment of interest on Toll Bridge Authority bonds issued for the construction of the second Lake Washington Bridge is not beyond question. (2) The provisions of Chapter 47.57 RCW provide a means for the creation of a new municipal corporation to guarantee the payment of interest on bonds issued by the Toll Bridge Authority.  However, for practical purposes it may be difficult for such a district to carry out its objectives.

AGO 1955 NO. 127 >

1. Approach connecting second Lake Washington bridge with proposed Tacoma-Seattle‑Everett Toll Road would not fulfill statutory requirement.2. Western approaches to second Lake Washington Bridge may be constructed in stages.

AGO 1960 NO. 142 >

A certificate of public convenience and necessity may legally be granted to furnish passenger service by vessel only if such service is either not over any waters within ten miles of an existing Washington state ferry crossing or does not constitute ferry service.

AGO 1953 NO. 486 >

The highway commission has full charge of operation and maintenance of toll bridges and toll ferries throughout the state, but the Toll Bridge Authority also has the power to operate the Puget Sound ferry system.