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Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1977 NO. 17 > Apr 12 1977

The state department of employment security is not required first to obtain an inrem court judgment before a warrant issued by the department against a building contractor for unemployment compensation taxes and contributions may be executed against the contractor's security deposit under RCW 18.27.040.

AGO 1966 NO. 86 > May 17 1966

(1) A part-time employee of a school district for the purposes of sick leave benefits provided by RCW 28.58.100 (15) (b) is one who is not under contract with the district for a full year.  AGO 63-64 No. 98. (2) The provisions of WAC 248-100-170 do not apply to employees of an independent contractor employed by a school district.  However, the board of directors, in the exercise of its discretion, may make compliance with the health regulations a condition precedent to the execution of a contract. (3) A school district is expressly authorized by RCW 50.04.200 to make payments to the unemployment compensation fund, the same as employers otherwise covered by the act. (4) School employees hired subsequent to the effective date of the 1963 amendment to RCW 28.58.100 (15) are entitled as a matter of right to the minimum benefits set forth in subsections (a) through (h) of RCW 28.58.100.  If these benefits were not granted to such school employees a claim may be made therefor.

AGO 1960 NO. 95 > Jan 12 1960

Where claimants are disqualified for refusal of suitable work, the disqualification period begins to run with respect to the day on which the disqualifying event took place.

AGO 1951 NO. 109 > Aug 28 1951

1. A Public Port District may concurrently contribute to the State Retirement System, Federal Social Security System, and the International Longshore and Warehousemen's Union pension system, but not for the same employees for the same service.2. It is possible for an employee of a Public Port District to be a beneficiary of two retirement plans.3. A Public Port District employee not under the State Retirement System may qualify to benefit under the Federal Social Security System.4. A Public Port District may subscribe to the State Unemployment Compensation Plan.

AGO 1958 NO. 201 > Jun 9 1958

The governor or the commissioner of employment security are not legally authorized to enter into an agreement with the federal government as provided by section 102 of H.R. 12065 to qualify for the federal loan to pay extended unemployment compensation.