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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1989 NO. 3 >

1.Where a LEOFF member after a period of temporary disability retirement returns to active duty, the member's employer is not required under RCW 41.26.140 to grant longevity pay, vacation accrual or similar benefits to the member to the same extent such benefits would be available to another employee of the same rank who had been continuously employed with no period of disability retirement.2.The term "current salary" as used in RCW 41.26.140(2) may or may not include "longevity pay", depending on the type of "longevity pay" used by a particular LEOFF employer.3.RCW 41.26.140 does not restrict LEOFF employers from adopting policies or entering into collective bargaining agreements regarding longevity pay and vacation accrual, so long as the policies or collective bargaining agreements are consistent with the requirements of the statute.  

AGLO 1982 NO. 10 >

Where an employee covered by chapter 51, Laws of 1982, 1st Ex. Sess., terminates his or her employment before July 1, 1982, payment for that employee's accrued annual leave need not actually also be made before that date in order to avoid the new prohibition set forth therein.

AGO 1964 NO. 84 >

A city of the third class has the statutory power to vacate a platted city street in public use upon petition of all abutting property owners provided no vested rights are affected.