Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1975 NO. 14 >

A person is not eligible for a veteran's preference in a competitive examination for public employment under RCW 41.04.010(1) solely on the basis of a six year enlistment in the Washington National Guard under 10 U.S.C.§ 511(d) with respect to which his only period of active duty (aside from drills and annual training exercises) was for a four month training period as required by that federal statute.

AGO 1952 NO. 213 >

An honorably discharged veteran who has received a preference credit in an entrance examination for public employment, may not upon return from a second tour of wartime military service receive a preference credit in a promotional examination.  An honorably discharged veteran in public employment who has not been given a preference credit in either an entrance examination or a promotional examination may, upon return from a second tour of wartime military duty, receive preference credit upon a competitive promotional examination.  A person who entered military service subsequent to December 31, 1946, when hostilities of World War II were declared at an end and prior to the declaration of peace by Germany and Japan is a war veteran entitled to veterans' preference for competitive examinations for public employment.