Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1961 NO. 59 > Aug 30 1961

(1) Electors of a school district may authorize, at a special election, the use of monies in the building fund (derived from a special levy but not necessary for immediate expenditure) for general fund purposes. (2) If the school district desires to use the money in the building fund for general fund purposes the matter must be resubmitted to the voters and their approval must be tested by the requirements of the 17th Amendment and RCW 84.52.052.

AGO 1957 NO. 142 > Dec 17 1957

(1) When no candidate for membership on the State Board of Education receives a greater number of votes than the total votes cast for all of his competitors, no one has a majority of the votes and no one is elected to the office. (2) The failure to elect a member to the State Board of Education does not create a vacancy in the office.   The incumbent continues to hold the office by virtue of having been elected to serve until his successor is elected and qualifies.