Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGLO 1980 NO. 20 > May 13 1980

The state industrial insurance laws, as presently written, do not permit the State Department of Labor and Industries to issue a certification to two or more employers to self-insure as members of a group, rather than individually.

AGLO 1973 NO. 21 > Feb 2 1973

The department of labor and industries has the authority to certify an employer as a self-insurer under chapter 51.14 RCW of the industrial insurance act where the employer has retained an independent service organization to assist it in managing its industrial insurance matters.

AGLO 1973 NO. 62 > Jun 1 1973

Referees, umpires, other athletic officials, ticket sellers, ticket takers, parking lot attendants and others who are employed by school districts or their student body organizations to work at interscholastic and other athletic events conducted by such districts are not excluded from the coverage of the Industrial Insurance Act by RCW 51.12.030 (3).

AGO 1951 NO. 72 > Jun 18 1951

Chapter 246, Laws of 1951, makes extrahazardous that work performed by persons primarily engaged in maintaining in repair or in condition fixed or established property or in rendering service in and about the care of fixed or established property, and does not in any way refer to clerks primarily employed to render services to others.

AGO 1954 NO. 206 > Feb 16 1954

Office employees of employers under classes 7-1, 9-1, 9-2 and 46-1 are required by the provisions Rem. Rev. Stat. (Sup.) § 7676 (a) (cf. RCW 51.20.010 et seq. ) to be reported under their respective classes and class 49-4 applies only to such office employees of an employer subject to the compulsory provisions of the Act as are not covered by some other specific classification.